“There Is Only One Real Last Chance For Wii U And It Is Mario Kart 8,” According To Retailer

GR: Mario Kart 8 is set to arrive on Wii U during the first half of 2014, and according to a handful of major retailers, it's the last bastion of hope for Nintendo's struggling console.

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mewhy321640d ago

Admittedly this will boost sales somewhat but it's too little too late.

acharlez1640d ago

I agree.

Mario Kart 8 will definitely cause a spike. But it likely won't be enough to overcome the console's marketing issues, consumer confusion, price, etc.

TomShoe1640d ago

No love for Smash Bros.?

uptownsoul1640d ago

Just to add to that, I look at Kart (and all other popular Wii U titles) as peaks. Because like all console sales there are peaks and valleys centered around the popular games (like Kart 8, as you said). But the Wii U's problem is that the valleys last way, way, way too long, and conversely the peaks are very few and far between. Add to that, the peaks aren't as high as they're expected to be (i.e. Pikmin 3, W101)

miyamoto1639d ago

3DS is the Wii U's biggest competition.

donman11640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Not in agreement with the article that much... for me Metroid Prime and Zelda will boast sale for me. I may pickup Mario Kart.Till then my PS4 is filling my gaming gap.

11eleven111640d ago

The system should have a bunch of new heavy hitters by summer, so nothing is lost. MK, SSB, DK, Bayonetta, X, Project Cars, Watch Dogs...Hopefully, they will announce more of it coming. I would think at least 4-5 new important 1st party titles for 2014.

jonboi241640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Metroid and Zelda are games for the core. While I can see Zelda selling some units to those on the fence or waiting for the next installment, it won't appeal to the millions of casual Wii owners. Plus that game won't be out by next year at best and by then it could be to late. Metroid on the other hand will do nothing more than a small increase for maybe a week.

It's crazy when you think about how Nintendo built this huge install base with the Wii and they can't even rely on even 75% of it to upgrade.

jonboi241640d ago

Sad thing is that most of the people that bought Mario Kart Wii were casual gamers and they moved on to their smart phones and tablets. I see this helping as it their biggest franchise but I just don't think there are that many people left from the Wii install base willing to upgrade. This is make it or break it year for Wii U. If this or Smash won't save it then frankly nothing will.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1640d ago

your point. Mario Kart Wii being online greatness. Joining a live party and Racing together or against plus Wii was bought by people who stop gaming after SNES so it was nostalgic to them reason from NSMBWii and Mario Kart Wii sold well.

uptownsoul1640d ago

Well i think SSB has a chance to save the Wii U as well. Also donkey kong will help some in the mean time. But Bayonetta & X will be more for the Nintendo fans that already exist and won't move incredible amounts of Wii U's

acharlez1640d ago

Yup. But Mario Kart is the company's biggest seller, so that one will be the most telling, I think.

uptownsoul1640d ago

Oh, i don't disagree. Kart is the biggest Wii U game (Wii U console mover) in 2014. I was just simply saying it isn't it's only chance. SSB, Kong, and Zelda (when it drops) also have chances to move Wii U consoles, but not as much as Kart (like you said)

ape0071640d ago

agreed, mario kart wii sold like hot cakes, hopefully all those player come back for wiiu mario kart 8

Neonridr1640d ago

This game will definitely move units in Japan for sure where they ate up Mario Kart on the Wii.

30+ million units moved worldwide. And this isn't your soccer moms and grandmas buying the game.

Nintendo needs to release a bundle with MK8 as soon as the game launches.

acharlez1640d ago

Absolutely. If they released a $250 bundle with MK8, that would do wonders.

WPX1640d ago

I wonder, when both MK8 and SSMB are out, how does a Wii U "Ultimate Online Bundle" (with a packed-in MK8 and a free code download of SSMB and since both will be have online multipolayer) would fare.

aceitman1640d ago

The difference from wii to wiiu is theres only 5 million wiiu's compared to 1hundred million wii's so it will not sell that many. If mario world 3d didnt keep wiiu alive I dont see any other game doing it.

Neonridr1640d ago

@aceitman - first off there weren't 100 million Wii's at the time of Mario Kart's launch. And secondly, Mario 3D World is selling just fine. Over 1.5 Million units sold worldwide for a console that only has 5 million is pretty darn good if you ask me. Not to mention that this game will continue to sell and sell to all new Wii U owners in the future.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


That where your logic fails. Mario Kart Wii launch in 2008 not 2013.

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acharlez1640d ago

I sure hope so too.

Whether or not that will prove to be the case is a whole other story...

JohnnyTower1640d ago

Mariokart has been the traditional system seller. It worked for GameCube to ds, to 3ds, and Wii. Hopefully it will work its magic for the Wii U. I will definitely pick it up day one for my Wii U.

acharlez1640d ago

The game looks great. I really hope it does help the console.

Summons751640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

What retailer? Oh they didn't want that out there because they know they'll get backlash from customers and higher ups for saying idiotic things.

Granted it will help momentum, its not "the only thing that can save it"

dbjj120881640d ago

I know a lot of people waiting for X or the next Zelda game.

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