Call of Duty: Ghosts Map Tips - Whiteout

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): Call of Duty: Ghosts is well known for maps outside of the franchise's typical formula. Today, we turn our focus to Whiteout, a fan favorite that lacks something almost every map has, a center. Where the middle of most maps feature non-stop action, Whiteout simply uses the center as a series of bridges to connect two sides.

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MNGamer-N1665d ago

Camping at the spawn area. I hate that. I'll have to give it a try. I like to pick people off running across the field from the shipwreck too, using an IED to cover my six.

zerog1664d ago

Camping requires no real skill as a player and anybody giving that as a gaming tip is a noob who needs to trade their system in on a wii u and go back to mario. Seriously you camping noobs ruin the game for decent players and you will never get any better at the game by doing it. If you really want to get better at fps games then the best advice is to stop worrying about your kill/death ratio, make it your mission to kill as many as possible and not care how many times you die doing it. That will make you better and was the best advice I was ever given. I didn't really start playing fps games till black ops and for a while and my k/d sucked for a while but now with ghosts its positive, I average 17-20 kills a match and rank in the top 16000 in tdm and I don't camp, I hunt campers.