Top 5 Things We Want in Kingdom Hearts III

"While the release date of Kingdom Hearts III still a long way off, fans can’t help but speculate what the newest entry in the series will bring. As a long time fan of the series, here are five things that I would love to see in the next game." - Neil Scanlon of Geekenstein

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1490d ago

Was flowmotion really all that great? I didn't play ddd.

cemelc1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Its really good, at least to me.

You can move at a really fast speed and since the maps are so big now, you feel like a badass traversing.

On topic.
The coop idea is amazing one player sora and the other one riku.

Riku has gone a long way since kh1, thx to ddd+ kh1.5 he is now my favorite character