Next-Gen Development “Extremely Manageable,” According To Witcher 3 Dev

GR: While many devs lament the difficulty involved in making games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One thanks to the spike in required resources and development time, the studio behind The Witcher 3 has found the transition to be relatively pain-free. After all, these guys know have been catering to the tech-savvy PC gaming crowd for quite some time.

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mewhy321396d ago

I can't wait until this game comes out. I hope that they are pushing BOTH consoles to the max so that we get the best possible experience offered by BOTH platforms.

TomShoe1396d ago

It better be manageable.

I don't want to hear anymore cries of "not enough RAM" for the next 4 or 5 years.

insertcoin1396d ago

True, I don't want to hear about lazy programming anymore, either.

acharlez1396d ago

Agreed. Plenty of technical power for developers to work with.

Eonjay1396d ago

I'm sure they will do their best to maximize their platforms. Developers should take pride in what they create as a valid work of art.

HighResHero1396d ago

There won't be too much complaining. Games from Naughty Dog, etc. will come out for the same hardware and make the complainers look incompetent. This will be the generation that will force certain devs to learn how to properly optimize their games. PC players will be thankful too.

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acharlez1396d ago

Agreed. Taking advantage of each piece of hardware is key. Don't just develop for the lowest common denominator, please!

Irishguy951396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Luckily these devs are PC devs first and foremost. So it won't be help back by consoles. The consoles will just have the PC version on lower settings, medium - High and it's confirmed to run below 30FPS.

The new consoles wouldn't even be able to max Witcher 2, as the W2 was pretty damn demanding to max out, still hard to do these days. These devs are already used to utilizing 2011+ hardware.

Edit - Yeah it was very scalable Logic, it didn't take much to run it, but to max it?? **** that

LOGICWINS1396d ago

^^I've heard stories of the Witcher 2 damn near bricking high end PCs.These devs hold NOTHING back. I have little doubt this will be the best open world game I've ever played.

angelsx1396d ago

So ps4 60fps xbon 30fps?

Rainstorm811396d ago

I wish we could get a release date......i get it you guys like the hardware

LOGICWINS1396d ago

Pre-orders will begin in a few months...which would imply a Summer release date with September at the latest. Smart move in order to steer clear of the AAA titles that come out in the Fall.

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XiSasukeUchiha1396d ago

Both manageable i can't wait and see!

dbjj120881396d ago

They're big enough now that they shouldn't have a problem developing for multiple platforms.

acharlez1396d ago

They certainly have the skills to make pretty, technically impressive game experiences.

DragonKnight1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

And Capcom said it was 10 times more difficult.

I guess they were just getting their excuses lined up for when they release mediocre games.

Chillstep1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

They actually said it takes 8-10 times more work. They didn't say it was more difficult.

DragonKnight1396d ago

Semantics. What matters is what they said goes against what everyone else is saying. If the Witcher 3 devs, who've never worked on a Playstation platform before to my knowledge, are saying the development is easy to manage then what excuse does Capcom have?

When talking about next gen development, Capcom have been the only ones to have anything that could be considered negative to say about it.

1396d ago