Capcom's Strider Reboot Will Cut Your PS4 to Pieces Next Month

Push Square: "The immediate PlayStation 4 release schedule may look slimmer than the sharp end of Strider Hiryu’s sword, but that may be because developers are keeping their wares under wraps a lot longer these days. Take the upcoming Strider reboot in production at Silent Hill Homecoming developer Double Helix Games, which is set to take a surprise stab at the next generation console as soon as next month."

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Rainstorm81853d ago

Am i the only one looking forward to this game??

Dio1080853d ago

Nope, you are not, it's only two of us looking forward to this game lol.

Dannycr853d ago

Not at all. I actually didn't know that it was coming to PS4. So I will wait 'till I have mine to buy it.

GhettoBlasStarr853d ago

They really should consider doing this with alot of old games. Especially Nintendo!!! Just update the graphics, maybe add a little bit of new things, but overall just keep it ol'school.

Oh Yeah, I can't wait for this to come out.

GT67853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Im sure hundreds of ol school gamers will eat this up.
hope more side scrolling games begin to come after STRIDER success.

also on NINTENDO they need side scrolling games Disparately.

Flipgeneral853d ago

I was expecting a Q2 release.

Cant wait!

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nealane853d ago

can't wait to play this on my ps4 thought it was coming out spring but this is good news

GrandpaSnake853d ago

I have seen the videos for this, i welcome strider back in my circle of games.

AceBlazer13853d ago

Next month? That's a surprise .

blackstrr411853d ago

Wish I can afford both consoles