Nintendo Comments on Smartphone Games, Industry Changes

Orion (from The Gaming heretic) discusses the comments made by Iwata on Nintendo refusing to enter in the Mobile Market and the industry shift.

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mewhy321521d ago

Not sure what needs to happen with Nintendo but something has to change. They continue to hemorage money an survive.

TheGamingHeretic1521d ago

They Honestly remind me of Microsoft. They also have kneejerk responses - wanting to cut down anyone who uses their material. Bad PR + no real 'next gen' to compete with = bad aspects.

sweendog1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Nintendo's home consoles where falling sincethe snes. They had a stroke of luck with the Wii in that it appealled to everyone(my mother in law even has one to keep fit!). They just need to get with the times, I used to always defend them but people want more than a gaming console. When I had an N64 friends and relatives would say 'so it doesnt play CD's then'. When I had a Cube same people would say 'it now takes disks but a DVD wont fit, whats the point?'.Just make a powerful console that has a blu-ray drive that will have all the third party games plus mario, sold. Oh and dont make the think look like a toy.

mcroddi1520d ago

Ultimately I don't see Nintendo leaving the handheld market.

SpiralTear1520d ago

I'm confused. Why would Nintendo take strength away from the handheld market (a market they currently dominate) to work in the mobile market? I'd rather they drastically improve their home consoles than move into the mobile field.