New details about RE4 PC Edition emerge

Rely on Horror: Excited for yet another Resident Evil 4 port? Don't answer - it's coming whether fans want it or not. And I'm sure that after the dismal PC edition we've already received, anything is a step up.

A developer has spilled a little bit of information as to what exactly we should expect with the upcoming port.

Feature wise, the game is based off of the Xbox 360 version, which was based off of the Wii and Gamecube versions.

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Neonridr1669d ago

I thought this was a joke when they brought it up before.. Do we honestly need another version of RE4? Especially when we had a PC version already?

Moncole1669d ago

The PC version that was released already is one of the worst PC ports ever made.

Neonridr1669d ago

lol, fair enough.. The Wii version was still my favorite. It was my definitive version.

Nerdmaster1669d ago

Unless they somehow make Wii Remote work on PC, the Wii version will continue to be my definitive version.

Lon3wolf1669d ago


You can use the Wii remote on PC with a Bluetooth adaptor/dongle.

Moncole1669d ago

I own it on Wii and will buy it again when it goes cheaper like 5$. Since this version has mouse aiming it will make it better than the Wii version.

Nerdmaster1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Sorry, I was trying to say "make Wii Remote work on the PC version of the game". If the game isn't prepared for the Wii Remote, we won't be able to use it's pointer function, and that's the main reason to use it.

I disagree. I played RE5 and RE6 with mouse aiming, and it still comes nowhere close to using the Wii Remote. With the Wii Remote the screen stays still while you're aiming, and that makes so much easier to shoot and stun 2 or more enemies in a row.

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Agent_00_Revan1669d ago

Not to mention there are already mods for the original PC version that make it look as good, if not Better then this new HD edition.

WeAreLegion1669d ago

Why are they calling it the 360 version? It's the PS3 version, too.

Arsenic131669d ago

The PS3 version had a few differences that were inferior to the 360 version. The audio for example was at a lower quality. Plus it's easier to port from 360 to PC because of the architecture.

IaMs121669d ago

I like the SD textures of the wood better, it actually looks like wood and not this crystal clear flatness. SD texture actually gives it some character to the wood.

Axonometri1669d ago

in that shot at least, the HD is far worse

J_Cob1669d ago

Yea I thought that was odd too. The SD version of the wood looks old like the shack is run down from years of sitting. The HD texture looks like the shack was just built.