Opinion - Xbox One shady promotion - Who can we trust now?

PSU takes a look at the recent controversy surrounding Microsoft, Machinima and YouTubers who were paid to promote Xbox One.

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FlunkinMonkey1668d ago

Who in their right mind has ever 'trusted' MS??

Mirrors and Smoke.

mewhy321668d ago

I have to agree with Flunkin. After the 2013 E3 I lost all trust in ms. That's when I converted from 360 to PS4.

TomShoe1668d ago

Yep. It's scary knowing that you can't even place full trust in some youtubers now. Even big name channels like TheRadBrad have been exposed as shills.

The only way to make a sound decision is to do the research yourself and think about which platform offers you more.

Mikelarry1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

no-one but yourself up to the release of next gen gaming media showed its true colors gaming in general has become real shady, gaming journalist have agenda, gamers/ you-tubers are on some agenda thank god for video streaming on the next gen consoles where you can watch a stream of a title and decide if the game is for you or not

Mister_Dawg1668d ago

You never seen the x-files?