Does PlayStation Plus Trump Xbox Live Games With Gold? Yes. For now.

Alex Shedlock writes for Leviathyn: "It’s official. On Playstation Plus in February, PS3 players will receive the award-winning, massively popular FPS Bioshock Infinite, and PS4 players will get the critically acclaimed, not even released new horror title Outlast for free. This is probably one of the best months for consumer content in the service’s history. But is the timing of this unprecedented offering random?"

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Mikelarry1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

but it is not solely just about the free games that Sony offers, they also offer discount on games for those who sign up to the service.

mewhy321584d ago

I agree with Mike. Not only are the games better but the discounts are awesome too.

xJumpManx1584d ago

I will stick with the better online gaming performance of Live. I get if you like old game rentals PS+ is for you I just prefer rock stable online play. I do not get that on psn their reliability and performance is poor compared to Live.

Mikelarry1584d ago

" I get if you like old game rentals PS+ is for you I just prefer rock stable online play" guess you didn't hear that outlast the new game comes to psn+ users.

jessupj1584d ago

You obliviously haven't played on PSN.

I'll stick with the significantly better performing multiplats.

You're tears are delicious btw.

BALLBAGS1584d ago

@jumpmanx another typical uneducated troller.

where exactly is live better at online gaming?wouldn't we see tons of articles claiming psn online gaming is down,stuttering etc? so please show me the hundreds of links claiming so

no you are just making uneducated comments the same copy and paste comments from 2006.

I have both consoles and psn+ is superior in just about everyway I cannot think of one thing live does better and this is from a hardened live user of 360 but I can name a handful of things psn does better from apps not behind a paywall to the free games.

medman1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

????? The poor sheep have been so brainwashed and abused by Microslop so often over the years their feces is backing up into their brains, causing them to lose all sense of reality. Microsoft hides all apps behind a paywall and they love it. They can't get enough. Microsoft throws the dumb sheep some crap free, old games and they're satiated because they don't know any better, poor sheep. Wake up sheep. Wake up. Before you're led to the killing fields.

Mikeyy1583d ago

I love these comments. These people have never even played on psn. They keep talking like psn performs like 56k dial up.

There is no performance difference what so ever. Cod ghosts is the same experience on both systems in terms of online play.

xJumpManx1583d ago

Keep telling yourself that SonyMites.

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badboy7761584d ago

PSN Trumps Xbox Live Period.

Mikelarry1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

double post sorry

ElementX1584d ago

Live was never intended to offer free games. From the start you payed to access the servers. PS Plus was always about free stuff and discounts.

Mikelarry1584d ago

Exactly it was a knee jerk reaction from MS to try and take some heat off xbox and why gamers should still charge that price and no value proposition to its members.

Philoctetes1584d ago

The author of this piece is really excited about getting Sleeping Dogs through Games With Gold. Is he not aware that this was a PS+ freebie last year?

Agent_00_Revan1584d ago

It's ok, let him have his fun. In about 10+ months when they receive Bioshock, he'll write another telling us 'See, I told you it was a better service!'

Am_Ryder1583d ago

Hey! I think PS+ is the better service! That's what the whole article was about.

Am_Ryder1583d ago

The writer here- I'm not really excited about Sleeping Dogs (I already own the game)

But very good point! I don't think I had PS+ at that time, so I didn't notice PS+ had it.

Fantastic observation. Wish I saw your comment sooner, that would have made a great point to add to the piece.

jacksjus1584d ago

The question is why does MS think that Gold is worth $10 more?

MasterCornholio1584d ago

Because of the magical power of the cloud?

Funny how the cloud hasn't done anything yet to put multiplats on par with the PS4 version.

I guess Don was wrong about that.

Ripsta7th1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I know right with all that talk of the cloud computing and being able to take some stress of the hardware thus making it more powerful than before. I guess it was all talk, we have yet to see it in action . And NO titanfall does not count, i dont even think those AIs are processed by the cloud because they seem dumb as hell

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