Should Every Game Feature Character Creation?

These days it seems that social issues are sky high on everybody’s agenda, even in the world of gaming. With many people particularly disappointed by the lack of protagonist diversity, could character creation be the way to go?

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Mikelarry1494d ago

NO!, i don't get why gamers and developers sometimes just throw game elements in just so they can tick off a box. if it helps the story or game play then yes if it doesn't no. i didn't care than i could not create my character in uncharted series because it did not help the story or game-play in any bit

mewhy321494d ago

I don't think that character creation is needed for every game. Some games benefit from consistency that would be altered from creation.

Irishguy951494d ago


Big fat ****ing NO from me too. It depends on the game. But I love 'characters' just as much as an RPG role. Characters make up a story and I simply love my stories.

IanVanCheese1494d ago

Have a bubble for Bad Boys lol.

3-4-51494d ago

No not every game.

I love creating things, especially characters in games.

Sports games however, should ALWAYS include player creator, team creator, Stadium/Park/Arena creator though.

That fact that this feature is withheld year after year smells of pure laziness.

MVP Baseball 2005 had Stadium 2005!!

Nobody in the industry is talented enough to improve upon that?

Nobody ? really ?

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nintendufus1494d ago

Character creation helps give the player a sense of being in the game, which works great for The Elder Scrolls and Saints Row. But sometimes it's nice to watch a game unfold rather than be in it yourself. Especially story-heavy games, like The Last of Us and BioShock, would be ruined by free-rein player creation and customization.

ReKoill1494d ago

It certainly wouldn't hurt some games.

TheXploder1494d ago

Depends on the title really. Character customisation can only add so much. If its mostly Asthetic touches like in DC Universe then yeah I can see that working in every game. But if it is a set of attire that directly changes statistics and game balance then there is a need for concern. You do not want customisation to create the best characters statistically, you want to create the best characters for you.

ziggurcat1494d ago

no. for the love of god, no.

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The story is too old to be commented.