Most Promising First Person Shooters of 2014

While First Person Shooters are a dime a dozen these days, 2014 looks to be a terrific year for some of the most exciting one’s yet. Whether you are gaming on previous or next generation hardware, there is an impressive collection of FPS’s for just about every player out there. Join BootHammer as we list our top picks for the most promising First Person Shooters of 2014.

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kraideral1097d ago

Cannot wait for Destiny and Dying Light! Great list!

BootHammer1097d ago

This year is full of win ;)

karamsoul1097d ago

Dear lord this is a great list. Can't wait :)

BootHammer1097d ago

So many games to play on so many platforms!

BanginBiscuitz1097d ago

Gotta love how the X1 has all 5 of those titles while the PS4 is missing the 2 most promising titles on the list though :P

ExPresident1097d ago

"missing the 2 most promising" is a subjective statement.

Troll somewhere else.

Mikelarry1097d ago

just had to drag the ps4 into the convo instead of appreciating that your console of choice has alot of the games you want to play

ExPresident1097d ago

My only hope for all of these games as that they come out completed instead of what gamers have been getting. Any of these that touts competitive multiplayer better have clan support.

JohnnyTower1097d ago

Is it too much to ask for a new Turok game? These games look great, but I think its time to revisit Dinosaur Survival.

Mikelarry1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

im sure before the ps4 was announced a game like that (dinosaur survival) was mentioned.

ill try find a trailer and post

Edit Primal Carnage


JohnnyTower1097d ago

God bless you MikeLarry. That game looks incredible! I dont own a PS4, but this game would definitely prompt me to get one.

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