Crystal Dynamics Were Aiming For 60 FPS On PS4/XB1, Failed To Meet The Target On Xbox One

GearNuke: "It has been recently revealed that Tomb Raider is running at an average of 30 fps on the Xbox One and an average of 60 fps on the PS4. This really shouldn't be taken as a surprise. According to an insider on popular gaming forums NeoGAF, Crystal Dynamics originally aimed to target 60 fps on both, the PS4 and Xbox One."

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Hatsune-Miku1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

They failed to meet the target of 1080p @ 60fps on the xbox one because the xbox one isnt as powerful as the ps4 which is able to do 1080p @ 60fps. Fanat-X cant accept this nor can they accept that when given the choice of having a ps4 or xbox one a non-biased core gamer will choose ps4.

Why would someone choose an inferior product that costs more. Rational thinking core gamers will choose the best gaming system the ps4 unless a person wants something else for personal reasons like friends or family owning something else or will or because of certain likes. Fanat-X sees this site and a lot others as filled with sony fanboys because they are actually seeing rational thinking people who wants whats best so they have their conspiracy theories about sony fanboys everywhere. What kind of world would this be if people dont strive to get the best of most things?

SquareSoft1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Great Game on PS4!

mewhy321636d ago

This is a pattern that we are beginning to see everywhere. The PS4 is just more capable and finally devs are beginning to realise that they should take full advantage of what each platform has to offer. this will ensure that BOTH platforms provide the maximum experience offered by the hardware instead of worrying about parity based on lowest common denominator abilities. Finally.

xHeavYx1636d ago

Like I said before, I'm glad developers are using as much potential as possible on the PS4 without restrains.
I would say TR is a must buy for people who haven't played it yet

AsimLeonheart1636d ago

So where are the people who were claiming that PS4's specs advantage wont matter because third party developers will aim for parity? The developers ARE using the PS4's potential and the PS4 is getting superior third party games.

Army_of_Darkness1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I'm totally getting this game again on the ps4 even though I got it free on ps plus. so really, I'm technically buying this game for the first time :-D


Considering the Tress-FX which puts down most of the high end PCs, the extra added next-gen effects, lighting and physics, running at native 1920 x 1080 at 60 FPS it is a technical avhievements even for high-end machines ( you can bring your Alienware or Origin quad SLI Titan + 64 gigs of RAM which you can only see in your dreams or fairly tales, we are talking mainstream here, check Steam polls, most of users are stuck with GT 9800 which i used to have before my old HDD was fried). Devs who knew what they do weren't lying about the PS4 being high-end.

Ezz20131636d ago

this is a good sign for ps4 owners
that means ps4 will not get any shortcuts because parity

this gen is indeed much better than the last gen in term of hardware
now bring the gems like you did with ps3 like TLOU
we need new IP's and games like GOW,TLOU,UC,LBP etc

Wizard_King1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Plastica man, you are on drugs, a single gtx 670 runs this game maxed at 1080 at over 60fps...

Anyone with quad titans would max this this game at 4k 60fps

The ps4 is good and this is an a achievement for consoles but it doesn't make it high end. Tomb raided simply isn't a very taxing game, even with TressFX with is basically a tessilation technique made more efficent for consoles hardware

Withdreday1635d ago

The Console War is Over!

1635d ago
senis_kenis1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

@Wizard_King no it does not, on GTX 670 it run at 50fps average with dips to 26fps with TressFX off:


At senis-kenis thank you for your answer. I have a GTX 660 and my cousin GTX 760 and FPS considerably get a hit with Tress FX, let alone upping the res or adding extra effects. Thank you also for answering someone normally I don't reply to because they just throw bad words without proofs.

wtopez1635d ago

@senis kenis

I took a look at your link and what you say is not wrong. However what the Kotaku benchmarks show is crazy. I haven't played TR in a while but it was still installed so I decided to use the benchmark tool included in the game. Settings is Ultra at 1080p with Tress FX off (Does not play well with Nvidia)

MSI 660 ti
i5 3570k
16 GB DDR3

Min Framerate 70
Max Framerate 104
Avg Framerate 86

What Wizard King says is right. A 670 is considerably more powerful than a 660 ti so it would definitively perform WAY better than what the Kotaku benchmark shows, which I suspect was done pre-patch which had TR crashing a lot on Nvidia hardware.

Kleptic1635d ago're obviously moving the goal posts to make a point...

the PS4 is high end, as you say, compared to the 'average steam user stuck with a 9800GT'???...ok...but what does that have to do with anything?

not sure why this is still a thing...the consoles are far weaker than available PC parts...but the consoles are far cheaper than said PC buy what you want?...and yeah, developers have always been great at squeezing consoles, and not as great at squeezing low and behold there is a decision to make when it comes to this expensive PC stuff, get some run off games that can not be done on a console, but then also be stuck with mediocre ports of multiplats and nearly no true exclusive content...or get a console...get exclusives...get decent enough versions of multiplats to not really care...and never worry about upgrades or if you can run a certain game...

but deciding to buy one platform, then mixing and matching bits of information to justify your own purchasing decision is laughable...

PLASTICA-MAN1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Kleptic..."but deciding to buy one platform, then mixing and matching bits of information to justify your own purchasing decision is laughable..."

I don't have a PS4 and I am mostly a PC gamer ;) . I think you llove laughing fir nothing.

OT: I think the PS4 is following the PS2 steps: no alien parts, easy to develop for, getting all devs interest and getting every game released on any platform whther indie, new, old or revamped like this Tomb Raider.

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Lior1636d ago

We all know the xbox one is not as powerful as ps4 stop these stupid debates

lokirevamped1636d ago

I guess a person needs to put down the other console maker to warrant/honor their purchase/money. I am enjoying both consoles, I don't have a bunch of time to play them but still I enjoy them when I can. I will also enjoy the Steam OS Machine by Alienware when it is released.

ABizzel11636d ago

@Lori & Lokirevamped

I don't think anyone's trying to put XB owners down. It's just the HUGE wave a denial pre-launch and even after launch that the PS4 was more powerful than the XBO simply needed to be put to rest, and games (multiplatforms) have finally been showing it and more often since COD and BF4 weren't enough and the blame was on eSRAM. Yes eSRAM is part of the problem because there's only 32MB trying to aid 8GB of DDR3 which isn't going to help, but there's also the problem that the GPU itself is a tier down from the PS4's GPU.

And I agree with @Miku it makes no sense to buy an XBO now (PS4 either really), just wait for a price drop, because the games aren't there, and in the case of the XBO the hardware doesn't justify the price.


I would advise against the Alienware Steam Machine. While it's design is the best IMO, it's hardware will more than likely under-deliever. It's non-upgradable which mean it's likely using a one of NVIDIA's mobile GPU's like it's X51's (more than likely the 645m). You're better off with the other two $500 Steam Machines if that's the case, or waiting since Alienware is releasing a new Steam Machine every year.

Death1636d ago


I would hardly think 60 days is enough time to see either consoles full potential. It took years for the PS3 to catch up to the Xbox 360. We all knew the eSram was going to be an issue early on.

First we were told the Xbox One could only do 720p. Now that releases are coming in at 1080p, PS4 fans are saying it can't do 1080p @60fps. I guess we will have to wait and see. What is the point of PS4 gamers hammering away with having more power anyway? Does it make Knack or Killzone better games knowing the PS4 has more power? How many duplicate stories are really needed at the top of N4G to get the point across?

ITPython1635d ago

I'm not sure we all know, apparently people are still buying a couple XB1's here and there.

This kind of info needs to be pounded into the consumers heads, especially since MS knows no bounds when trying to trick the uneducated console buyers with all their slick advertising, bribes, and other low-life schemes to make the XB1 seem like the king of next-gen. Speak a lie enough times, and it becomes truth.

If more people buy XB1's than PS4's, then all PS4 gamers will suffer since devs will focus on the best selling console, which if that is the XB1 the PS4 will be stuck with 720p @30fps on all multiplatform games. But if the PS4 stays the lead, then both consoles will get the best versions they are capable of handling.

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Neonridr1636d ago

If a gamer prefers the MS exclusives, then there's an obvious reason why they would choose the XB1 over the PS4.

I don't deny that the PS4 is more powerful, as it definitely is (I own one).

medman1636d ago

What exclusives? As the owner of a ps3, 360, and ps4, Sony has kept me happy with exclusives throughout the console cycle for ps3 while Microsoft completely fell off the map the last few years for the 360. Sorry, there is no exclusive battle between the two. There is no comparison. I have yet to see one game exclusive for the xbone that would make me want to fork over 500 bucks to microsoft. Titanfall isn't my cup of tea, I'm primarily a single player gamer. Quantum Break looks like it could be interesting, but will it be? Who knows. I certainly don't. When I look at Sony's roster of first party developers, I know what I'm going to get because it's what I've gotten for many years now. GOTY contender after GOTY contender, year in, year out. When was the last time a Microsoft owned studio produced a GOTY winner? Case closed.

Neonridr1636d ago

That's your opinion medman, but there are plenty of people that are excited for Titanfall. I loved Alan Wake, so anything Remedy puts out is something that will definitely interest me. Halo sells ridiculously well, regardless if you like it or not.

Just because a game isn't a GOTY contender means it's not any good now? Wow, suddenly our standards went through the roof.

As I said above, if you are someone who likes MS exclusives (Forza, Halo, GoW, etc, etc) then go with the XB1. If you are one who likes Sony exclusives (Uncharted, TLOU, God of War, Gran Turismo, etc, etc) then you go with Sony.

I love how suddenly your opinion is the only one that matters and because you don't enjoy the MS games means suddenly they don't matter.

Case not closed, not even close buddy.

I don't even own an XB1 by the way.

MRMagoo1231636d ago

You dont need an xbone for titanfall tho all you need is a low spec pc or a 360.

jmac531636d ago

Well I know how MS is, as a 360 owner from the start there was exclusive after exclusive. It was the system to own and then they shifted all their attention to Kinect and the exclusives dried up. Enjoy the exclusives for the next couple of years before MS tries to convince you to buy a gimmick.

kopicha1635d ago


let's be straight here. every platforms have their own exclusives regardless of the quantity of it. So MS do have their own exclusives like Halo, Gears, Forza and a couple more. If someone prefer those over what Sony has to offer in terms of their exclusive. There is absolutely nothing wrong about it. So to say if you prefer what Sony is offering from their camp over what MS does with Xbox it is fine too. Taste to games is a subjective matter without right or wrong. I have no issues with Xbox fans that prefer their exclusives over what's available on PS.

From previous gen since I own both 360 and PS3, I personally do not adore Xbox exclusive as much. Personally I take Uncharted, TLOU, GOW, GT over Xbox's offering of Fable, Halo, GEOW, Forza. But end of the day point is they do have their own exclusives. Just that I dont personally enjoy them as much as what the fans hype over them. But does not mean they are bad games.

Only time I cannot stand the Xbox fans is the time when they attempt to make things up to make their games look better when the fact is its not. This is extremely apparently especially in this new gen. Similar things already happening during last gen. They tend to have slightly more superior version of the 3rd party games most of time. In terms of better Resolution/fps and etcs. Althou not all the time but usually that is the case. And they love to brag about it and call out PS3 being a junk internet bluray player. While now in this new gen where it is a complete reversal at least from launch up till this point of time, PS tend to have more superior version of the game. They would remain in completely denial to the point of even attempt to twist the fact as far as making claims like 720 is better than 1080. That is when I find they are completely out of touch with reality. It is fine to be a fan of a platform. But to that extremely of trying to protect your beloved platform like trying to protect a religion? Then I think that's when the person really need some help with his life.

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JohnnyTower1636d ago

Hey miku, where is your signature "ps4 is the future and the future is ps4"? I almost didn't recognize you without it.

Tatsuya 1635d ago

lol, you butthurt boy?

We from the PlayStation nation are laughing our ass off at you pissy xbots. Served you right for terrorising us back in last gen. Now, that the tides have changed :), Greatness Awaits for all PS4 lovers and SONY in general.

PS4 is the King of Consoles, In SONY we TRUST

Immorals1636d ago

I'm going to buy an xbox one, not a ps4 for a few reasons.

I've owned a 360 and an xbox, and I want my account to carry over. All my friends are getting xb1's.

I don't like the ds4 (sticks give me cramps), I prefer the xb1 exclusives too. I also use media as much as I play games, and the xbox is just far better at this (especially when externals are FINALLY supported..).

If I wanted a games console that is designed purely for games, I'd get a pc.

beerzombie1636d ago

And most Sony fans are acting like jerks and would not want to associate with them.

beerzombie1636d ago

And most Sony fans act like jerks and would not want to associate with them.

GrizzliS19871636d ago

let me get this straight, you would buy a pc to play just games when all xbone games are on pc and somehow you find xbone and pc combo to be better than ps4 and pc?

yea whatever dude, tell me all about how you use media on your xbone, cus one thing i know youre not doing on it is play quality games

windblowsagain1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


Media? Live tv.

If you prefer xb1 for it's games. it's all good.

But not quite sure how DS4 can give you cramps if you don't own one.

Yep i smell bs.

@your replay below.

PS4 isn't inferior to a PC, most people game on PC'S that are much less powerful.

But some have more powerful PC'S.

But i can tell you this.

There is no game on PC that will look 10% better then PS4 until a mighty upgrade in graphic cards comes.

ATM DX11/GL etc is just the same as on PS4/XB1.

Only advantage is higher rez, aa.

Textures differences are gone.

Immorals1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I'm sick to death of these Sony fanboys who just down vote anytime someone says anything negative to Sony, or positive about xbox.. It's pathetic.

And Grizzli, all the hate on xb1 atm is over multiplats, where the ps4, being more powerful, is a small amount shinier.. But, being multiplat, the PC version is far better.

I'm not a fan of Sony exclusives, and the xb1 is raining exclusives atm, so yes. I'd rather have and xbox 1

Netflix, BBC iplayer (eventually), wirelessly streaming videos from my tablet.

And what your saying negates all arguments. If your saying the difference between ps4 and Pc is res and aa, and that's not a big deal, then nor is the difference between xb1 and ps4.

And you don't have to own something to experience it, I've played on one, and having larger hands, it has the same problem as the ds3/ds2, sticks in wrong place

infectedaztec1636d ago

Good choice. The best games are on the xbox one in 2014. If I had a PS4 I'd only buy multiplats as their flagship for the year (infamous) doesn't do it for me.
Titanfall, Quantum Break, Halo, the witcher, fifa 15 and maybe Destiny will be the games I'll buy this year.

If I had a PS4 it'd be the witcher, destiny, watchdogs and fifa (and maybe the order) this year.

There are games I'd have over watchdogs but these are only available on xbox. Like I'd be buying it if I was starved for choice (nothing watchdogs and infamous arent my kind of game).

I literally have money aside for a ps4, but I dont see any reason to get it yet. Naughty Dog might change that

thejigisup1636d ago

if you wanted a game console that is designed purely for games, you'd get a game console.

"Netflix, BBC iplayer (eventually), wirelessly streaming videos from my tablet."

Netflix is great on the ps4 is sleek, smooth and totally functional. BBC iplayer is on ps4, wirelessly streaming videos from tablet. I've been doing that since I got my tv no need for a ps3 or ps4 or xb1; from my phone and from my tablets. My tv streams live tv already. what media capabilities are you getting with your xb1 that aren't already taken care of by previously existing, cheaper, fully functional tech?

JetsFool35001636d ago

So I guess your right hand cramps up when you play xbox because the only difference is the left analog stick

clouds51636d ago

wow there are still people making decisions based upon what they want and have actual reasons to buy a particular console! (no irony!)

Most people just buy stuff because they are brainwashed by marketing..

dodo1011636d ago

"I don't like the ds4 (sticks give me cramps)".
Did you even tried it?? DS4 is awesome!
Sorrry i just don't believe this.

medman1636d ago

You poor, misguided sheep. You should have stopped at "I'm going to buy an xbox one, not a ps4". That was enough, you don't need attempt to justify your decision because in doing so you only illuminate your insanity. Not a single point you made makes sense, so I'm not even going to bother to point out the error in your reasoning. Have fun paying more to get less. In your confused head more for less probably makes perfect sense. The rest of us will be playing the console with the roster of developers that churn out GOTY contender/winner after GOTY contender/winner that can achieve 1080p and 60fps without exploding. Enjoy your "next gen" tv enabler.

guyman1636d ago

I bet u didn't even try out the numerous ps3 games That are available. What you're saying is that you enjoyed halo and gears of war, the only 2 exclusives worth mentioning for xbox,over all the mulitple highly acclaimed ps3 games... Doesn't make sense to me, a person that's owned both systems

ABizzel11636d ago


lol, but PC has all of that, and cost the same price as an XBO, but more powerful, has most of their exclusives, access to XBL, can accept pretty much any controller (lol at DualShock gives you cramps, stop it) and dominates both consoles when it comes to media. The only thing you're losing is the ability to play with you XBL friends online, because you can still sign-in to XBL on PC.

So while you're trying to troll, you're really doing nothing, but showing the XBO just isn't worth it yet, and it's mainly due to Kinect. If Kinect wasn't in there then the XBO could sell for a solid $379, and be worth the asking price.

DigitalRaptor1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

The reason you are getting disagrees and down votes is because people think (and rightly so) that you are buying a console based on its short-terms advantages.

PS4 is a better long-term investment if we're talking consoles here, and every level-headed gamer knows it. And believe it or not, we are gamers here - passionate about games. Why would we not disagree with your opinion?

Plus the BS you posted about DS4 gives you no credibility, so just stop.

MRMagoo1231636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

LOL what a silly comment " I prefer the xb1 exclusives too. I also use media as much as I play games, and the xbox is just far better at this (especially when externals are FINALLY supported..)." if you use media as much as play games PC's are far better at media than the Xbone, and PC's are also better at games than the Xbone, therefore i conclude your point is invalid.

JoseV761635d ago

Man ain't that the truth, I got a ps4 before xb1 and the UI is terrible on ps4, I love the xb1 you can do so much more.!

Wizard_King1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


Bf4 looks more than 10% better on PC than on the ps4 not to mention higher resolutions like 2k which I game at and 4k.

The fact is PC games will always look better than consoles we are already moving past 1080 p 60fps to 144hz super HD games with extra high res textures on 2 and 4 k monitors and TVs. The only ones agreeing with you are like minded fanboys.

I love my ps4 and am getting MGS5 on it over my PC but I won't go on blabbing BS about how the PS4 can somehow beat high end PCs for graphic fidelity wihich it can't and doesn't.

Withdreday1635d ago


And how did Xbox fans act last gen?

jebabcock1635d ago

Buying a GAME console to not play games... Does anyone else see this logic as being a little off?

SonyKong641635d ago

in other words, you'll support greed and anti consumer business practices so long as they fit into your selfish wants and needs lifestyle lol.. sad.

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VINNIEPAZ1636d ago

"Running code on the PS4 by raw power alone would already be better than the Xbox and required a lot of optimisation."

Wow, Im not a programmer but that sounds pretty bad for Xbox.It sorta puts things into perspective. I played Xbox 360 for exclusives and 3rd party and my PS3 just for its exclusives. It looks like this next gen i'll be doing the reverse lol. So glad I get all the systems so I can pick what platform to get what game on.

n4rc1636d ago

Sony fanboys are rational thinking people?

How do you still have that bubble.. Lol

Unreal011636d ago

You love a good troll at the moment. I guess this 60fps PS4 news isn't going down too well with you :/

n4rc1636d ago

Why would I care? I dont own one..

See.. That's the point you all miss.. I don't give a crap.. But you all seem obsessed with something you don't have or want..

That's not very rational now is it?

DragonKnight1636d ago

If you don't care then why are you here ragging on someone who does?

n4rc1636d ago

I said I don't care about what the ps4 has.. Doesn't mean I can't speak my mind in the Xbox, which I do have.

You dont see me trolling sony articles.

dantesparda1636d ago

Cuz he's a phony ass fanboy that's why

ZeoN1636d ago

You cared to comment. You sound hurt.

solidjun51636d ago

"See.. That's the point you all miss.. I don't give a crap.. But you all seem obsessed with something you don't have or want.. "

That's a bit ironic considering your post indicates you do care. I don't think we're missing the point. You are.

Prime1571636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

<Sigh> I should have known, n4rc, so I'm just going to copy and paste your words (Cite: and then switch the ps4/xbox parts to the other

"Here's a quick tip for life.. What you think doesnt mean shit to anyone but yourself..

You like your " (xbox)"? I should hope so.. I enjoy my" (PS4) " But why can't you accept that?

I've been gaming since the late 80s.."(I have too) " Are you even that old? who the hell are you to decide what gamers should want?"

You may not troll Sony articles, but you definitely troll any article that paints the PS4 in a better picture than the X1.

T21636d ago

Well they are rational enough to smell an xb1 price cut that's for sure. Nothing in the xb1 package justifies a price of 499. I'll pick one up at 349 and nothing more

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MysticStrummer1636d ago

Witcher 3 is supposedly maxing out the two consoles. That should mean that the two versions aren't identical, but we'll see.

mediate-this1636d ago

What if you can afford both? Im not biased towards either, i play games, so i bought both. But your talking about gaming and you only game on one system? As if that system offers all the games in the world. I game on wii u, ps4 and xbone, i dont have a sony statue i pray to, i play ganes. You should too. I always was geared towards more to sony when i was younger but now im chill and sit back , play games. No need to do free advertisements for a company.

dantesparda1636d ago

So you're offended by the fact that soon fanboys are pointing out the fact. But somehow you're not a fanboy? Yeah right, screw all you phony ass fanboys

headblackman1636d ago

let's be clear here! 30fps isn't a bad frame rate at all. especially for a game as this. now you might be justified in your comments if this was a first person high action shooter, but it's not! so either system you buy it for, you'll be happy with it. the fps wont make a difference in the purchase here. and lets be real for a min,this game isn't a top seller at all. it's an improvement of what it use to be, but by no means is it some kind of blockbuster. so if you've got an x1 and you feel that this is an interesting game to add to your collection then buy it and if you have a ps4 and you feel that this game will be a good addition to your game collection, then buy it. nuff siad!

vigilante_man1636d ago

Don't start with logic....

theXtReMe11636d ago

I agree with you. It's why I switched from the Xbox 360 last generation to the PS4, this. I want the most powerful system that will play the best games, it also helps that Sony has one hell of a great first party lineup. I'm not biased by Corporation, I'm biased by great games and the best system to play them on. Ive owned systems from every hardware manufacturer in the history of gaming. Never once biased by whose name was on it. I just wanted to play great games. The best way to do that, is to have the most powerful system to play them on.

headblackman1634d ago

you was never an xbox gamer. you have always been a sony loyalist! you just wanted your story to sound like you was making a change to make some xbox fan wanna follow in your same lame ass foot steps. not gonna happen buddy. only a sony fan wants that damn console. xbox loyalist know exactly why we like the xbox brand regardless of what you assholes may think. piss off and enjoy your gaystation 4 and let those who wanna play the xb1 do just that.

lifeisgamesok1636d ago

I bought a xbox one for the good launch games and future games shown at E3, the controller, and xbox live

I don't care for the little differences multiplats will have

Gamer19821636d ago

Its mental as they are saying it can run 1080p on the ps4 when its not even optimized its running 30fps @1080p however on xbox optimized! although it could probably be optimized more.. That just shows PS4s real power there from the words of a dev.