Why Some Rumored Nintendo Fusion Specs Are Bogus

Josh of GeeksPodcast explores the rumored Nintendo Fusion and shoots down some of the more fantastic features rumored point-by-point explaining why they won't happen.

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Eonjay1516d ago

Mostly because there is no such thing as a Nintendo Fusion.

SpiralTear1516d ago

Wasn't there some festival tour called the Nintendo Fusion back in the day?

geekspodcast1516d ago

There was! Headed by Fall Out boy I think?

sonic9891516d ago

simply if you noticed the specs dont match out very well ( the tflops output ) .
on the other hand nintendo just needs to rebrand the wiiu not change the name entirely but change the logo much like the PS3 logo .

Iamnemesis48801516d ago

And beef up the hardware get it on par with the X1 and PS4.

sonic9891516d ago

no need for that the Wii did just fine with its hardware .
power doesnt equal more sales or being more successful .
the problem is that nintendo played some not so clever mind games with their wider casual demographic those people wont notice that U mark on the system or on the box and to make the matter even worse the hardware design of the system it self isnt that different from the original wii design .
so basically reintroduce the system with a new logo ( not a new name ) and hardware redesign if possible some games and bam people especially the casual ones will finally know whats going on .
even though i am a big Sony fan but most importantly i care for the experience and not how many TFlops that system can deliver because in the end its the games and the features that speaks to you not the hardware and it looks like sony gets it right for me .

showtimefolks1516d ago

biggest mistake for Nintendo was gamepad

they should have focused on making the actual system specs better, also didn't nintendo get any feedback from developers? it seems like they just went with what they thought was good enough. Yes wii sold but it didn't get much help from 3rd parties, many people who bought wii played wii sports than never touched or bought another game

Nintendo is going the same Route as Sega and its sad because Nintendo makes some great games.

Iamnemesis48801516d ago

It is going to happen the wii u is not the flagship console Nintendo was hopeing for they need to pick up there game.

light691516d ago

I can't believe how people can't use common sense to analyse a RUMOR.

1. It's just that a RUMOR. No one has stated that it is true and the main people that will state such a fact would be Nintendo themselves. STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS IT MAKES YOU GUYS LOOK STUPID AND IGNORANT.

2. If you trolls (because it's mainly trolls) are going to comment why not take in to account researching the development stages of consoles. In the beginning stages of development consoles may have things, or may not have things, included in to the final product.

3. For the tards that are saying its stupid, and nintendo is dumb for wanting to release a new console already... NOOO NO JUST NOOO. Fuck off and take some time to learn that game console development starts right after the latest console release. This has been stated before by nintendo themselves and i'm pretty sure sony and/or Microsoft have stated the same thing.

4. Just because specs were leaked or a rumor arose that there is already a new console being developed IT DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL COME OUT ANY TIME SOON. Use your common sense jesus christ do you people just leave your common sense to collect dust. Console development takes years and on top of that they need to make the right decision of when to take it out considering they have another product already in the marked(previous gen system). They let previous gen run its course.

5. And for the people that think they are tech savvy (no offense for what I will say). You might know your tech but that doesn't mean you are knowledgeable of what's happening at Nintendo this very moment. Who knows they might have these spec they might not. They might have a GPU or a CPU that runs at those rates maybe not. Point is since you don't know if they do or if they don't you can't automatically say "Oh no this is fake cuz the CPU's terraflops are not right" or "No no no this is stupid cuz the GPU isn't right" I'm pretty sure you get the point. You don't have actual fact to prove this is or isn't, yes its a rumor and rumors aren't trust worthy either but the only people doing any damage here are you guys trying to state your opinion like if you actually know its a fact.

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