5 PS4 games we want to see announced in 2014

PSU's Mike Harradence writes, ''PlayStation 4 has already gotten off to a stellar start following its launch last November, with 4.2 million hardware units shifted across the globe. Starting its first full year on the market in such an auspicious position isn’t something Sony has really enjoyed since the PS2 days, and in terms of software, PS4 looks ready to step up to the plate and impress...''

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Raiz1669d ago

what bulsh^%* is this, five games listed on FIVE different pages... hungry for HITS......???

Afistnu1669d ago

I only care about 2 games. First and foremost, HHour. Second of all, HHour. HHOUR!

imtheman20131669d ago

Resident Evil 7? Lol, maybe if it was nothing like RE6 or RE5.

fOrlOnhOpe571669d ago

I'm still intrigued about GG's new IP.