Nvidia Talks OpenGL - Offering Massive CPU Performance Boost Via Modern OpenGL

DSOGaming writes: "During Valve’s Steam Dev Days, Nvidia talked about OpenGL and how developers can take this open-source API in order to overcome the CPU limitations of the past and get performance similar to Mantle."

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RedDeadLB1706d ago

I can see myself transferring to SteamOS in the future. Definitely. I'm just waiting for more developer support and I'm good to go.

john21706d ago

Here is hoping that with Steam Machines OpenGL will get a big boost

JohnnyTower1705d ago

You could always dual-boot with steamOS and windows. It's kind of the best of both worlds. But it would be nice to escape direct X and windows bloatware. My pc isn't just a gaming rig so I need windows ATM.

RedDeadLB1705d ago

I will probably do that when the time comes, I need Windows for my piece of shit college. So far Windows is my only option.


Most likely, It good to see OpenGL giving DX a competition now, Also PS4 players should benefit too given that is a OpenGL API system as well.

john21706d ago

Now let's see a game implementing this new OpenGL command

LightofDarkness1705d ago

I'd say Carmack will be one of the first in line to get back to OGL.

Volkama1705d ago

Eh OpenGL has been available forever, there must be some pretty valid reasons that every PC game out there uses DirectX these days...

No idea what those reasons are though.

LightofDarkness1705d ago

Myriad reasons. Pixel and vertex shaders were the biggest reason. OGL used to be standardised by ARB in conjunction with SGI, who made workstation graphics solutions. Basically, coding for OGL meant massive portability, and guaranteed compatibility across the board before graphics cards even hit the shelves. But DX changed all that (I think it was DX8 that brought in shader support). OGL was slow to react because the standards board (ARB) had too many voices and vendors, creating a very slow change and approval process.

With Windows Vista and onwards, MS decided to nerf OpenGL by removing native GL driver support from the OS. Instead, one would have to use a DX wrapper to translate GL instructions to DX instructions for Windows. This was pretty much the final nail, but SteamOS could see some resurgence in OGL support. It's a nice, standardized way of developing for multiple GPUs, but also allows the developer to access more low-level features for different cards and vendors.

I still don't expect OGL to regain its former glory, but you might see some interesting experiments.

Volkama1705d ago

^^ This guy though, he knows the reasons.

Thanks for the enlightening explanation!

JohnnyTower1705d ago

I was once like you. I bought a shiny new Xbox one and wii u. Then I discovered Steam and gaming changed forever for me. And I was die hard on consoles. Now the deals and mods available trump anything consoles could ever do for me. Keep an open mind and check out steam. It may change your mind too.

hiredhelp1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

"All in all, it will be interesting to see whether Mantle brings significant performance gains, and whether developers will use this new OpenGL command in order to improve the overall performance of their games "

YES YES AND YES.. First game to use mantle on PC was BF4 Unlike BF3 Witch took a hit in FPS BF4 i saw a much better FPS Gain this down to mantle. question is who else will adopt this well..
The next game to use this is Thief 4 Also EA
"claimed" they now going to use Mantle on future titles (NFS Series)
I heard also another publisher who slipped my mind the name also happy with what they saw happy to do the same.
Heres source couple other devs adopting it

If this happens i can see the good old days return again.

Volkama1705d ago

Dude... mantle support isn't even present in BF4 yet. The patch is still due later this month though.