Was the PS4 a wise purchase at launch

It’s hard to believe we’re already a couple weeks into 2014 and with that we leave behind Christmas, our drunken New Year’s Eve shenanigans and the debut of two next generation consoles – the PS4 and Xbox One. Now we’ve had a good month or so to digest each system’s launch and its offering of games, I figured what better time than to reflect on the pair and just how successful their respective launches were. I’m not talking sales figures here because let’s face it, both have had an excellent start. I’m talking the games, the systems themselves, the features – the things that gamers care about. So let’s kick off with Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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Nyxus1669d ago

Not a second of regret here.

cleft51669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Same here. I have played games on my PS4 everyday since I purchased it. One of the main games I keep coming back to is Warframe, a F2P game. I use to play Warframe a lot on my laptop, but it ran slow because my laptop wasn't so hot. I had to turn down all of the settings, but thanks to my PS4 I can play Warframe with all of the bells and whistles.

On top of that PS+ has given me Resogun (which I love and platinumed), Contrast (which is okay), and now Don't Starve (which is really fun).

I have not regretted my purchase since Day 1 and seeing how popular PS4 is I am glad I grabbed it on Day 1, instead of waiting around hoping to find it at a store.

mewhy321669d ago

No regrets what so ever. Awesome console. The more I play and the more that I read the comparisons I'm more and more certain that I made the right decision. Can't wait to see what the future holds for PS4. Hopefully devs will finally stop worrying about parity and push the consoles to individual maximums so owners of BOTH next gen platforms will get the best experience possible offered by them. One not being held back by the other.

TomShoe1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Whether at launch or in 2016, I'm gonna get one eventually, so no need to justify one now vs one later.

AceBlazer131669d ago

There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who got ps4 at launch and those who wish they did. Don't be one of the wanderers searching high and low for a ps4 to buy.

ZodTheRipper1669d ago

It's a longterm investment :)
The games out now aren't exactly my cup of tea but I enjoyed most of them. I just can't wait for all the greatness Sony's first party will bury me with. InFamous (and maybe Driveclub) will be just the beginning.

ABizzel11668d ago

I think it's better to wait for more games, but I can't see many people being disappointed.

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Aceman181669d ago

For me hell yea, no regrets from me.

Ares84HU1669d ago

I'm loving my Ps4 as well. Got a lot of games on launch, CoD Ghosts, BF4, NFS, Lego MARVEL, Injustice, AC4, FIFA 14 plus the free ps plus games. So I'm set. Will be picking up TR DE next week.

There are plenty of games to play and so far I had a blast.

yeahokchief1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Ditto. Warframe. Don't Starve. Resogun.

And they were all free!

I'm done here.

BoriboyShoGUN1668d ago

No regrets, could I have waited a little sure. But the fact that you still can't find any consoles, and that they are flying off the shelves makes me feel that much better that all I have to worry about is the games. And the PS3 is kicking butt right now anyways.

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Mikelarry1669d ago

i didn't really buy my ps4 for what was available at lunch more for what was to come, i had a feeling it would be sold out everywhere and rather than wait and have to deal with searching furiously online for a retailer to have it and its being sold out the next minute i bought one. the games will come with time and i am glad i bought one no regrets here

vitullo311669d ago

So true! I warned all my friends that they would not be able to walk into a store and just buy one for a while.. none of them believed me... none of them have a ps4 and that's why I bought mine day one no regrets!

MsmackyM1669d ago

I would be lying if I said its launch lineup had any influence on my PS4 purchase, however Infamous: SS and MGSV aren't too far off. I suspected the PS4 would be scarce after launch, so picking it up launch day saved me the problem of trying to track down restocks.

ZodTheRipper1669d ago

Also, it won't drop in price anyway so might as well just buy it day1 and enjoy it rather than waiting a year for all the great games.

EcoSos31669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Nope since I bought mine I have only played about 25 hours on it, I should had waited until it had more games I wanted to play.

Bloodjunkie1669d ago

Not enough games or not enough for you interesting games? I have no regrets, but i'm sad that i have not enough time to play all the great games :(

mrchump1669d ago

Do you think the launch games need more diversity?

Irishguy951669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

More quality and diversity. In a way it's the worst launch lineup for a Ps console yet. However multiplats(from last gen too) saved it.

Either way I don't see why he'd regret getting it, Infamous is out soon along with a bunch of worthy games. I think this gen has the quickest release of high quality games yet. Despite **** launch lineups

Ares84HU1669d ago

What games did you get? Does any of the launch games interested you? If no, than why did you get a PS4 so early?

EcoSos31669d ago

I got Killzone and AC4 thats it no other game interested me. I got it mostly on hype and I wanted to see if it would be my main console but for now it wont.

Ares84HU1669d ago

Killzone was ok I think. I still didn't finish the story. Still stuck on the level where you have to kidnap some scientist from a space station.

But AC4 was amazing in my opinion. I got 40+ hours in the single player alone.

You should pick up BF4. Now that it's fixed it's amazing to play. 64 player conquest is a blast. Next week we will get Tomb Raider DE. if you like action/adventure and haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it. Also, it's better on PS4 than on Xbox One according to the developers.

EcoSos31668d ago

I dont buy EA games anymore with their immaturity towards Nintendo, this just show how they really are and Im not going to support that. Tomb Raider I already finish it on the PS3 and got it on steam for like $3.

Darth Gamer1669d ago

Even though I have no regrets on my purchase and I absolutely love the console, I have been playing my XBONE a lot more. I love Resogun and Battlefield and Need 4 Speed rivals that I bought for it and all of the other PS+ games so no complaints. I just personally have played the XBONE much more lately. No hate for either console though, both are fantastic!!

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teflontactics1669d ago

Zero regret here, though I was a month late to the party (Christmas gift). I've got plenty to play to tide me over until the next few games I want hit and the monthly PS+ game freebies don't hurt either.

Viva la PS4.