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Submitted by rob_zed 676d ago | opinion piece

Why everyone loves to hate the Xbox One

Xbox One has spawned a subculture of hate. With some expert help, Screen Robot posits ideas on why this is. (Microsoft, PS4, Xbox One)

Septic  +   676d ago | Well said
Well, it didn't exactly start off with the right footing.

Before its release, the 360 had a lack of new first party games and also a lot of Kinect shovelware.

Then rumours were abound of its media focused console. Sony have an impressive reveal and MS reveal their so-called 'games console' as anything but a games console.

Then the DRM fiasco which eclipsed the impressive showing of games.

Then the u-turns, mandatory Kinect, NSA fiasco, corporate jargon and disastrous PR.

Then the resolution problems.

All this plus Microsoft's image of the evil, money-grubbing company run by the Illuminati and you have the perfect storm.
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GarrusVakarian  +   676d ago | Well said
"Xbox One has spawned a subculture of hate"

No. MICROSOFT has spawned a subculture of hate. You can't hate a plastic box. It's not the console people hate or it's's the company behind them. I don't get why people act all dumbfounded about why MS get so much hate, look at 2013 alone to see why, 2013 was disastrous for MS, it was just bad decision after bad decision. But others like myself would argue it goes further back than that....

In 2010 they abandoning the core gamer for casuals and families, focusing on Kinect titles instead of giving people quality exclusives. Add to that all the things you just can anyone blame people for not looking at MS in a positive light. No one is to blame for MS's hate but MS. MS in the original Xbox days and MS now are completely different companies. I wish they were more like the former.
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TomShoe  +   676d ago
TL;DR Above:

Microsoft brought a lot of it on themselves. You can't say that it's not uncalled for.
Hatsune-Miku  +   676d ago
Cite xbox's history and xbox ones initial announcement.

There is a running theme perpetuated by most sony nay sayers that n4g and most non-biased websites are rampantly filled with sony fanatics. It isnt true at all. Sony PlayStation is just the most rational choice for core gamers with its consumer friendly choices like being a powerful machine, worth the price of hardware, having the most criticality acclaimed exclusive games, has one of the best online service with psn which gives gamers access to a lot of free games

human beings seeks out to get the best of anything often times that they are able to attain unless there is something else they might like for their own personal reasons
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MightyNoX  +   676d ago | Well said
Abandoning Core gamers is fine and all, long as you're honest about it. However, they took a downright offensive approach and rather than say "Well, that's fine but we're after a different segment of the market." they attacked any one with different opinions. It was always OUR fault and not theirs.

People without internet : LOL! Why would I wanna live there? - Adam Orth

Remove the kinect : It can't be removed! Are you an engineer? - Major Nelson belittling Angry Joe

Power Gap: Any one wants to fall on their sword that the PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One, go ahead but you WILL be apologizing to us - Albert Penello

On moral issues of DRM: DRM wasn't wrong, we were just too advanced for the consumer - Albert Penello

See that? It was never a difference in strategy or being honest about what they were after. It was the consumer who was at fault. Microsoft was ENTITLED to the consumer's money and the consumer is always wrong, too backward, too hung up on things like morals and/or ethics (pfft!)

MSFT fostered this toxic environment.
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BX81  +   676d ago
@ tomshoe at this point it is uncalled for. They announced some dumb policies, changed them based on what the consumer wanted before release. Came out with great games straight out the gate. What's your complaint?
Pogmathoin  +   676d ago
Lukas, you are right about what MS did, they definitely messed things up, despite clearly having some amazingly talented people working for them, but as is business at any company, the suits get too much control and think they can drip feed us anything. All have been guilty of this. I think though too, the hate for MS is a bandwagon culture as well. I see people commenting as well, wondering do you even know why are posting crap like this, is it just to fit in? The promotion of the hatred though, through sites like this is the worst though. I am upset over how MS launch X1, still got one though, along with PS4, because no matter what, there are still gamers/developers who simply love making great games, are they are on both. In the meantime, I hope MS turns back like the one that launched Xbox, and 360, especially in the Peter Moore days when it was all about the games and whatever gamers wanted.... Sony learned from PS3 launch, not to take us for granted any more, why will people not give MS the same chance? They are both big companies who at the end of the day are driven by profits.... PS4 will do great, but then the suits might like that profit and want to squeeze it.... that's how it is....
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Kayant  +   676d ago

"hey announced some dumb policies, changed them based on what the consumer wanted before release. " - *You mean they where lacking in preorder numbers* - Fixed.

When they announced their policies in May after their reveal everyone was already giving their feedback. They said nothing at E3 waited two weeks after to finally address it and doing the 180s. It really had nothing to do with our voices their main drive to change was the initial pre-order numbers if not they would have said something before or addressed at E3 considering the uproar. It took them about month from the announcement for the change to happen.
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OrangePowerz  +   676d ago

Did they really listen to the consumer? Before the.console reveal the rumours started about DRM and everybody was against it. They still didn't change their mind. They changed theit mind after pre orders started when they saw that they are miles away from the PS4 pre order numbers. They couldn't care less about what their consumers want (see not making a kinect less bundle).

At E3 they cancelled their interviews so they wouldn't need to answer questions and the onlu interview they gave was a train wreck telling people to buy a 360.
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creatchee  +   676d ago

"Abandoning Core gamers is fine and all, long as you're honest about it."

Xbox One had a very good launch lineup and has a lot of potentially good games releasing in the next year.

The "not a gaming machine" "argument" needs to die in a fire.
Charybdis  +   676d ago
I find that the problem mostly stems from the policies Microsoft announced at unveiling of the xb1. They tried to strip away many options/choices of consumers and force requirements on consumers (internet requirement, kinect requirement). People don't like being told what to do.
ZodTheRipper  +   676d ago
I don't hate the Xbox, I hate Microsoft. Their business methods are far from what I call "acceptable". It's sad to see that for Microsoft only money talks in an industry that's built on creativity.
thehitman  +   676d ago
I actually dont hate MS, I do hate the xbox LOL... and I don't like their games or the lack thereof and hate their xbox policies. I love windows with the one and only exception of windows 8. I hate Internet Explorer, but I like MS Office. I like stuff that actually works and is good and worth the money. I dont care about the company behind it or their past. I use to be a Nintendo fanboy and I gave up on them after I bought the gamecube and it was baron compared to the N64. I am loyal to quality and quality only. The minute Sony starts showing they dont care about producing great games and goes the MS/Nintendo route I would stop supporting them too, but I doubt that will happen.
Bathyj  +   676d ago
Exactly. I don't hate Xbone. I hate Microsoft. I don't care about them because they don't care about me.
mewhy32  +   676d ago
I have to agree with Lukas. ms brought this all on themselves. Don Mattrick did the damage and then left. How can we forget the "if you don't have internet the we have a great platform for you call xbox 360" interview with gametrailers? Yeah. Nuf said.
aiBreeze  +   676d ago
I agree with most of the posters in this bit, it isn't the Xbox One I hate, it's Microsoft and I'm sorry but only the most ardent Microsoft fanboy can deny that the hatred is at least partially justified.
dedicatedtogamers  +   676d ago
Nearly a year ago, I predicted this out in my blog

They're the new media whipping boy. Playstation was the whipping boy for nearly all last gen. Now it's Xbox's turn. I think certain people are uncomfortable with that fact because they saw how long it lasted for PS and how viscious it was. Now that it's aimed at X1, it makes some people nervous, and it definitely makes people eager to just sweep stuff under the rug and say stuff like "They released good games. Why are people still complaining?" and "The hate needs to stop. They reversed the DRM"
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MAULxx  +   676d ago
I could not have said it any better than that Lukas. Bubble for you.
Volkama  +   676d ago
Hate is such a strong word. And yet seemingly accurate, people get quite passionate in their vendettas around here.

It will all be forgotten in time. It wasn't that long ago that people loved to hate Sony, and they've gone on to become the peoples' champion.

Personally I don't get emotional about either company. If typical sci-fi programming is accurate then I think that lack of emotion makes me the bad guy.
DragonKnight  +   676d ago
It's never been forgotten. Have you not seen the SonyToo™ everywhere? The difference is that Sony worked hard over the years to change, they positioned themselves as the company for gamers first and that's what the PS4 is designed around.

Microsoft have always had the attitude that their vision is correct, everyone else just has to get used to it. They have no interest in consumer rights or being pro-consumer. Everything they have done will not be forgotten because the internet isn't a person, it doesn't lose its memory.
Volkama  +   676d ago
I've only seen that Sony Too nonsense from the likes of you and dedicatedtogamers. I figured it was just a deflection technique as that's how I've seen it employed.

You're right though, not everybody will literally forget the facts. The storm of negativity will calm and attitudes can change.
pyramidshead  +   676d ago
I think people forget PlayStation was put through its paces in 2006, and it lasted a whole lot longer than what's already happening now for XB1. Sony took their sweet time to rectify all the missteps they did too, I believe 2 years, no? Hell they even removed features on hardware revisions!

In turn the 360 was a huge success for them(minus the RROD). I don't think xbox fanboys or Microsoft were prepared or even expecting this amount of backlash from the Xdivision's decisions so now a lot play the whole 'victim' card or just in general can't come to terms with Microsoft doing any bad seeing as they took care of them well for a full 8 year gen. Now it's reversed people have Stockholm Syndrome.

Fanboys need to suck it up and take it on the chin, it no doubt didn't affect any die hard xbox fan's decision on buying the box anyway.
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alejandroelputo  +   676d ago

JAJAJA your comment was just perfect bro. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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badboy776  +   676d ago
Because we get paid to hate them.
GarrusVakarian  +   676d ago
Lol, i don't even need to work a real job, every pro-Sony comment and every anti-MS comment i make, Sony pay me £10!

That's a joke btw.....There are people on this site that genuinely believe that.
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Hellsvacancy  +   676d ago
They do it to themselves, Microsft that is, it's no conspiracy that the way they handle business is tyrannical
green  +   676d ago
They did bring all this hate upon themselves. I have been impressed with how fast they reversed their policies and a lot of things that they have been saying.

But this year will be the year that they have to prove that they are indeed committed to providing great games and services to benefit their consumers.
TheKayle1  +   676d ago
i mean numbers are not showing this

x360 sold as much as sony ps3...(they ended pretty much in pair) ...

xbox and x360 gained lots of market share from sony and nintendo in this two last gen and already in the second one the "king" ended pair with the "newbie"
the start of the xb1 sets for MS a sales..(compared to the x360)

i think theres no just like said millions times...there are a lots of biased internet media and usually sony fonboys users are more louds

ps. clearly is true the drm (that also if u will not want will come soon also for sony with the ps now) ...been used againt ms so badly by ..that biased blogs/forums/sites/magazine and by every sony users

i know i will end with 800 disagree..on N4G...but the sales number are a true fact....and if u look just at this months u need to dont forget that ps3 been 8 millions consoles back the x360 for 6 i dont think this two months mean a lots

just dont lie to urself ...and dont act always like a fanboy
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pyramidshead  +   676d ago
"i think that theres no just like said millions times...there are a lots of biased internet media and usually sony fonboys users are more louds"

What ever pushes your narrative thekayle. I bet believing that helps you sleep at night.
SniperControl  +   676d ago

"just dont lie to urself ...and dont act always like a fanboy"

You my friend are one of the biggest fanboys on
TheKayle1  +   676d ago
i could agree with u sniper but this dosnt change the facts
Kayant  +   676d ago

"clearly is true the drm (that also if u will not want will come soon also for sony with the ps now) ...been used againt ms so badly by ..that biased blogs/forums/sites/magazine and by every sony users" - Right facts such as the above i guessing.

Please stop the BS when does MS's DRM policies become the same thing as a digital service that requires DRM like any most other DD services of it's type (netflix etc) and is entirely optional.
Baka-akaB  +   676d ago
Well the facts is MS was always massively disliked in the PC World , managed to salvage some reputation with its three consoles , yet somehow kept repulsing some people with some practices during the life of the second console , lost some more goodwill with the lack of support of its second console in its final days , and had some more baffling decisions and shenanigans with its latest console .

Finally , you guys are a riot with your "n4g only hate" meme . It then quickly became "Neogaf is Sonygaf" . You are by admission giving those places so much power , and control over the whole of media-dom and internet press and blogging .

Good job fanboys , you made n4g and gaf your tyrant overlords oppressing your valiant microsoft white knight . LOOL .

PS : Oh yeah but i forgot "but but .. Sony is evil too "
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CorndogBurglar  +   676d ago
"and if u look just at this months u need to dont forget that ps3 been 8 millions consoles back the x360 for 6 years"

Because this is horrible english, I'm assuming that you are saying that PS3 sales were behind on Xbox 360 sales for 6 years, and only just now caught up?

If that is what you are saying, its like you forget that the Xbox360 came out an entire YEAR before the PS3 did. If you don't think that effected their sales, then you are sorely mistaken. They had a lot of catching up to do.
aiBreeze  +   676d ago
It seems that ever single Xbox/MS whiteknight on here ignorantly blames Sony fanboys for everything remotely negative towards the Xbox or Microsoft. Open your eyes and smell the coffee, most people on here are gamers and Microsoft burned that bridge for many back with kinect.
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Fishy Fingers  +   676d ago
Because they bought playstations?

They obviously haven't done themselves any favours, but when your a member of a site like this you see plenty of unjustified "hate", whether to justify they're choice or downplay others is regardless. They're lumps of plastic/silicone, there's no need for them to invoke such strong emotions.
feraldrgn  +   676d ago
"Why everyone loves to hate the Xbox One" implies that it's some kind of fad & that's it's not deserved.

They earned the hate & they continue to make illegal or underhanded movements.
SniperControl  +   676d ago
Just like Sony 10 years ago, MS have got cocky, they want the consumer to do it there way or it's the highway.

There cocky attitude towards consumers 18 months ago regarding W8 got them no where and less than stellar sales figures on that OS.
There cocky attitude with the X1 at the start of 2013 got them no where.

It's only when they realised that sales figures for W8 were way less than expected did they start to listen to the consumer and start implementing changes, finally W8.1 was realised less than 4 months ago, sales expectations for the OS have began to increase.

The same happened with the X1 and there draconian DRM rules back in May, MS ignored the consumer, countless social media campaigns did nothing to change there minds, as conveniently illustrated my Don Mattrick's "buy a 360 if you don't have internet" remark.
It's only when consumers started talking with there wallets, did MS start to listen and implement a slew of "180s"

Sony learnt a massive lesson not to fcuk with it's customer base, MS need to do the same.
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Jdoki  +   676d ago
I don't love to hate it, in fact I want to love it... But MS have a lot of work to do to get me to buy.
iceman06  +   676d ago
+Bubs for the level-headed comment. I am sort of in that group too. I would love to own and Xbox. BUT, I don't have too much faith in MS as a company. Sure, there are some good games. But at what cost? I'd rather invest my time and money in something that I can trust to deliver what I need. Call me a fanboy...but that's the way I make purchases. Past experience with products, consumer and industry feedback, and economics all count. But, it's really does this product give me the most for my money.
Demoa  +   676d ago
I like it so do alot of other people. It just the ones who hate it are extremely vocal bunch.
from the beach  +   676d ago
Exactly. The online hate doesn't add up to much when over three million people have already stumped up the cash to play it.
SixtyNine  +   676d ago
Only the minority online.
Majin-vegeta  +   676d ago
I don't hate the xbox nor its fanbase.But I do hate M$ the way they push their damn agenda around in the game industry.

-Parity clause.
-Nearly destroyed gaming single handedly
-Abandoning the "CORE"players for casuals.
-Lie there way around the industry.
-Do so much on a dumb level and end up getting caught then try to play it off like they had no idea what was going on.
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JeffGUNZ  +   676d ago
"Nearly destroyed gaming single handedly"

What? Did they hold all games ransom or something? They have delivered stellar games such as halo and gears, they haven't come close to destroying anything. If it's DRM you're talking about, then that's silly. You may not like it if you trade games in or what not, but it will never DESTROY gaming. I never trade games in since they rarely give you back a viable return. I totally understand how DRM can rub gamers the wrong way, but to insist it will destroy gaming single handedly is a little bit too extreme.

"Abonded the CORE players for casuals"

uh, what? Halo, Gears, Forza, Dead Rising, Titanfall, Assassins Creed, BF, Ryse, etc. Those are all games I have played recently or will be released very soon, how are they casual?! That word is just thrown out on the internet and is so subjective it's sickening. Everyone is a gamer, yet every gamer has different tastes. Because one likes Uncharted, TLOU, Halo, or Gears doesn't make them hardcore over anyone that likes games such as sports or racing. When people say casual they come across sounding like the only games available for the Xbox are viva pinata and Kinectimals. MS AND SONY both reached out to casuals in the last few years, it's a business and they are trying to bring in more followers. Their is no denying Sony had the upperhand last generation in the AMOUNT of studios, but never once did I play anything that wasn't considered "hardcore" by people on this site for either the 360 or PS3. I just wish people would stop making sub groups for gaming, we are all gamers, period.
DragonKnight  +   676d ago
What the hell are you talking about? Dead Rising, Titanfall, Assassin's Creed, BF, and Ryse have nothing to do with Microsoft. They didn't develop those games. They are all 3rd party IPs and thus if they appear on an Xbox console, that is at the sole discretion of that 3rd party developer.

Halo, Halo, Halo, Fable, Fable, Fable, Forza, Forza, Forza, and formerly Gears, Gears, Gears were the extent of Microsoft's offerings to the gaming industry for YEARS now.

Microsoft even said "we don't need first party studios"

So when someone says that Microsoft have abandoned the core gamer, they are correct. Microsoft is relying on 3rd parties to cater to the core gamer, they have no interest in doing so themselves. They would rather pursue television and motion controls than games. That's why they throw their money around to get exclusivity deals and I wouldn't doubt that the alleged $1 billion they are spending on game development is not actually being used to fund first party development but to secure 3rd party titles.
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Rational  +   676d ago
"Why has M$'s X1 surpassed the 360 in sales as far as last launch goes?"
LOL the fact that it has to give away a X1 every 2 minutes and the fact that they have to bribe people to give them positive reviews has helped. Just when it looked like they were headed in the right direction they pulled the now infamous "XB1M13" proves that they are the only ones to blame for the "Hate" that they receive.
PLEASE stop with the naive comments on here thinking its Sony fans who create this escalating negativity surrounding them when its obvious who's damaging the M$ brand.
redey3  +   676d ago
''The PS4 is technically more powerful but certain graphical comparisons show the Xbox One to have a slight edge in multiplatform games.''

I stopped reading right there. Like, what the hell? so 720p over 1080p is OBVIOUSLY a edge!
JeffGUNZ  +   676d ago
I wish people understood resolution and not just look at the numbers and spew it out. Look at Ryse, it's a pure example of WHY resolution isn't the only component in good visuals. Sure, 60FPS and 1080P is great, but it really comes down to the studio. If you have a developer who can work well with hardware and take their time, then you will get the best of everything. That's the problem, people "stop reading" and read all they want to read. A lot more goes into it then just resolution.
iceman06  +   676d ago
I can agree to the fact that resolution isn't everything. In fact, it's a small part of a bigger puzzle. Developers are responsible for getting the best out of each system. But, the point that was made has been mostly opposed by the multiplatform developers that have spoken out. That's what Redy3 was probably hinting towards when he made his comment.
DragonKnight  +   676d ago
You know what I read? I read that Ryse could look so good because of how limiting it really is. So yeah, resolution isn't everything, you can always look in other areas to find how deficient the Xbox One is in comparison to the PS4. There isn't a single multiplat game out that is better on the Xbox One. Whoever said that literally doesn't have eyes.
Goku781  +   676d ago
It from the same company that brought us the Zune, and the Red ring of death, plus blue screen of death. Xbox One and MS is the leader in inovation of garbage.
JeffGUNZ  +   676d ago
Windows is the most used operating system in the world. Sure, they only make garbage.
aiBreeze  +   676d ago
Didn't Bill Gates make Windows off of the backs of a lot of other people's hard work then claimed it for his own? Haven't checked Windows history in years but there has always been a lot of controversy surrounding how it got to where it's at.
AKissFromDaddy  +   676d ago
That's because most third party applications were only designed to work on Windows OS. Apple's OS is tide to their expensive hardware and ChormeOS is pretty much an online only OS. Nevertheless, As of now, there is a free alternative to "Office" I use called "LibreOffice", Steam has around 12% of it's 2497 total game catalog on Linux and 26% of it on OSX. Third party support is weak but as third party apps become available on other Operating Systems, Windows will lose market share like they did with it's web browser, "Internet Explorer", in my opinion.
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DragonKnight  +   676d ago
McDonald's is the highest selling fast food chain in the world. Are you saying that McDonald's is 5 star international cuisine?
JeffGUNZ  +   676d ago
@ Dragonknight

Where did I ever say Windows is the best? It's evident that since it is the most used it is good for what business need. It is stronger in some areas and weaker in other, but for work related fields, excluding art and engineering, windows is most preferred. It's not "garbage" like the guy I was commenting to suggested. Is it the best, nope, but it's not garbage.
DragonKnight  +   676d ago
You said "Windows is the most used OS in the world" and then a sarcastic comment "sure, they only make garbage."

This indicates that you're correlating the quality of the OS with the amount of people using it, prompting me to bring up my McDonald's comment. Just because something is used the most, doesn't mean it's good. It could mean it's the cheapest, it could mean it has been around so long that it gets the most support by virtue of that alone, it could mean that there really isn't another viable option, but it doesn't have to mean that it's good.
ShowGun901  +   676d ago
exactly! if you'd like to see what a world without sony and nintendo would look like for gamers, look at windows... next to no competition there has allowed M$ to be complacent about their horrible, horrible OS. if there were legitimate competition in the PC OS market, m$ couldn't sit around on their asses NOT FIXING known bugs, no to mention internet exploder...
snookiegamer  +   676d ago
Is it the Xbox One people dislike so much, or could it be MS' questionable practices?

I would go with the latter ;/
WickedLester  +   676d ago
Because in spite of MS' deep pockets and endless resources the Xbone is an inferiorly designed machine compared to the cheaper, more powerful PS4. Because we all know that just like in the previous generation, it's going to have the weaker lineup of exclusive content and continue to heavily lean on 3rd party multi console titles to carry it. Because other than taking Xbox Live mainstream, MS has contributed NOTHING to the gaming industry!
Picnic  +   676d ago
Meanwhile, Xbox chief Julie Larson-Green says nothing. Can you believe that she has been Xbox chief for over a year without saying a word to buyers?

I hope she gets sacked so she can spend all day looking at her face in her Mirror App on her phone.

Don't feel sorry for any negative Xbox One stories. Some of the higher ups are in a state of world domineering wannabe arrogance. They're probably all on holiday right now. They have set up their own fall and it is shame because they actually have some decent games. I was once willing to spend the £400 for an Xbox One. Now I'll wait until they are half price.

You cannot ignore forums! Get your big wigs actually talking on forums, not on stupid Twitter!

You can't rely on 'moms' buying it for cable TV. You don't know your market! They would be the icing on the cake for your sales. They are not the cake.

I expect if we see Larson-Green on TV it'll be on Oprah or something like that, trying to get down with moms 5 stones heavier than her.

She'll leave Microsoft with a huge pay off to go working for a dolphin charity or something.

Get the boys in charge! Show that you love your gamers just as much as Sony love theirs! Free Xbox Live for a significant period, not a bloody month, would be a start.
Are you so poor that you need to rely on a tax to let people play online with nowhere near as many good free games as Sony?

It's a nice looking machine, the Xbox One, in terms of the console and interface. They get their branding right. Just a shame that they care not enough for people skills, more with each generation as they become more 'feminised'.
You heard it- guys have better people skills. In terms of actually have depth and meaning to what they say.
Maybe they think that being a bit aloof will give them a bit of mystery. Well, we did that with the Dreamcast and PS2. We don't need that again. You need us to Jump In- woo us with free Xbox Live for 6 months. Or get the hell out because Sony upped their game so much that we don't need to pay lip service to Scrooge McDuck any more.
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xJumpManx  +   676d ago
The X1 will be fine this generation. Its new tech and you have to get used to it. I find myself using my x1 more than my ps4 now and at launch I prefered the ps4. Assuming the multiplat games are equal or like last gen so close they are the same I will be buying on X1 I d not have to worry about the network going down and it has more features.
SoulSercher620  +   676d ago
I don't necessarily hate the X1 itself. Just Microsoft and their shady practices towards the X1 before and after. I mean things like Day One update being required to use your X1 for the first time? Unheard of for a console and should've never happened, especially when Microsoft knew they could put it on the console before release.
urwifeminder  +   676d ago
No hate here people tend to lash out when threatened its understandable I don't hate sony just their fundamentalist fans that cant accept the new kid on the block.
TheEnigma313  +   676d ago
PS4 is outselling the Xbone, what do they have to worry about?
snookiegamer  +   676d ago

'No hate here people tend to lash out when threatened its understandable I don't hate sony just their fundamentalist fans that cant accept the new kid on
the block'

Sorry, but what you have typed is absolutely ridiculous..I've never seen such a waste of words since they were founded.

Why even bother commenting if what amounts to sewage waste comes out? Dumbest thing I've read this year!! ...and you're usually quite sensible.

Complete Idiocy...quite Shocking!
#20.2 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   676d ago
Thanks I enjoyed your comment its like gold I hope one day to have such insight you must not read much that's for sure I see way dumber things on here than my comments. Do you by any chance do coaching? I would like that bubs up I hit agree.
#20.2.1 (Edited 676d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Perjoss  +   676d ago
MS tried to bend gamers over a barrel, only when they saw the preorders really suffering did they do their famous 180, but they forgot to remove 1 key item that nobody really wanted, the Kinect, not only did they force this piece of hardware on everyone but they also charged for it.

They also have had PC gaming in the palm of their hands for years now and have done nothing to push it forward, GFWL does not count just because of how terrible it was. But its ok we have Valve now, they might not succeed but at least they are taking risks and seem to have gamings best interests in mind.

Bottom line is they released an inferior product and charged more for it.

See also Forza micro transactions and what they have essentially done to RARE. They also keep spewing crap about Teh Cloud but never really show proof of how it improves anything. The list goes on.

ps. I used to be a colossal 360 fanboy, but whatever.
quaneylfc  +   676d ago
One simple thing is the judge of what console is good or not: whether you own one or not. the xbox one is hated so much because of the amount of people that own a ps4, With some decisions being made because of the drm/always online/trade in thing that ended months ago so that attitude should have disappeared. This is fueled by the people who were never interested in owning an Xbox one in the first place.

Or to put it lightly, people are petty and have an innate desire for conflict
iceman06  +   676d ago
I wouldn't say that it was as easy as "it's just people that weren't ever going to purchase the console". There are plenty of vocal Xbox fans that didn't or don't like the general direction of where MS is heading (all-in-one approach for more money). Many were probably former Playstation fans (circa PS2) and jumped ship due to the expense of the PS3 at launch. There are always reasons to dislike something (if you look hard enough), so I can agree with the petty statement. Plus, being real, there does appear to be a paradigm shift in which the Xbox IS being seen as the lesser of the two systems for GAMING and at a higher price. (It really does remind me of the shift that occurred with the launch of the PS3)
quaneylfc  +   676d ago
Yeah, that's how i see it. When you look at the launches for those consoles (360 & ps3), you have one to follow and MS didn't seem to get that. But when it comes to people saying how shit the games look, how shit the online is, how shit the disc covers are. That's when it becomes petty...TOM PETTY!!! and i read those "opinions" a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.
SwordandShield  +   676d ago
I don't hate the XB1. I just don't care about it. After going through 3 X360s, I jumped to PS3 and have never looked back.
ThyMagicSword  +   676d ago
To hate the Xbox One has become a trend, just a passtime for the masses, just like the news consoles (Xbox One AND the 'all-mighty' Playsation 4), just a passive trend. I'll never understand the hype behind those two, as they offered nothing mention-worthy so far, only promises, which they can barely keep.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   676d ago
I get a lot of good info on this site,but it's hard not to start disliking MS when MS fanboys rule N4Xbox with a iron fist....
GraveLord  +   676d ago
Because the PS4 is WAY BETTER and its cheaper.

It's just common sense.
Welcome2Die  +   676d ago
I WISH I could like the Xbone, but I just cant, Microsoft used to be a great gaming company back when they first came out with the original xbox. Now that the 360 came out its been bad, its redundant to buy an xbox with the superior Playstation around. Not only that, they really do blame the consumer for their shortcomings.

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