Crystal Dynamics considered creating new story content for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Crystal Dynamics considered creating new story content and introducing new gameplay features for Tomb Raider's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Definitive Edition, but was told not to by executives at Square Enix, executive producer Scot Amos has revealed.

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jay21583d ago

Well he's a pr**k then isn't he, people don't want to pay another £55-60 for it, I've seen people complaining about the $60 (which is about £40, we paid that for last gen and have to pay more like $90 this time around). So what would those people have said if you got everything + 6 hours (for example) of single player content?

MilkMan1583d ago

Please, you gonna charge $65 bones you better have more than real mud and hair. LMFAO.
Get otta here!

jmac531583d ago

And this is why Square is the next big publisher to go the way of THQ.

Letthewookiewin1583d ago

We'll they should have to justify the 60$ price tag. Also change the trophie list I don't want to play the MP to get the rest of the trophies.

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