The Witcher 3 Is More Like Batman: Arkham Asylum Than Demon's/Dark Souls, Says Dev

CD Projekt's Iwinski explains that The Witcher 3 will be more like the Batman Arkham series than Demon's /Dark Souls in terms of combat.

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DeadRabbits1668d ago

This game better be good for all the hyping the Devs are doing!

GarrusVakarian1668d ago

All you have to do is play the old games to know that it will be great. They are a very good developer with high standards.

Alexious1668d ago

Personally I'm not the biggest fan of TW1&2. I couldn't quite bring myself to finish them.

Hopefully the improved combat and open world will sell me completely on the game.

TheUltimateGamer1668d ago

Agreed. A Batman: Arkham style from these guys should be pretty epic. Here's hoping!

sonicsidewinder1668d ago

They said the same thing about Witcher 2's combat.

Crazyglues1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Oh that sounds sweet, I'm actually pumped for this one and I'm not even a RPG gamer... But this is looking so good, I can't wait..

It also Sounds like they are making a really good game so for people like me who don't normally get these type of games it's good to hear they are really working on making a smooth combat system. (love the fighting in batman)

So this is a huge plus as I feel like getting the combat done right and making it fun to play is big in these kind of games .. (you nail that and it leads to gamers really enjoying the game - like Fallout 3)

||.........___||............ ||

lonelyplayer1668d ago

Souls combat is the best.

kaiserfranz1668d ago

I prefer Batman to be honest, but Souls is great as well

cpayne931668d ago

Batman's combat is all style and no substance compared to the souls games.

LightofDarkness1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Sounds similar to the second game, then. I had no complaints, certainly. It was a lot harder than Batman, anyway. Until you had final level Quen, anyway, then you just armored up with Quen and laid waste to whatever decided to hassle you.

EDIT: Read the interview, he says nothing like that. He says they certainly drew inspiration from AA, but didn't want to draw any comparisons to that because they'd be inaccurate. And the only mention of Souls was that many reviewers died in the prologue of the second game, and they do not wish to be a Souls game in terms of difficulty, but a challenging "hardcore" mode is there for those who want it.

Bloody "journalists" twisting words for headlines again.

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