Dev: Wii U Comes off Badly When Compared Against PS4/XO, Porting Next-Gen Titles Just Doesn't Work

A third party developer talks about the technological shortfalls of Nintendo's console.

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MasterCornholio1671d ago

We sort if knew this a long time ago.

Remember when Epic was asked about Unreal 4 engine compatability with the Wii U?

AsimLeonheart1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Yeah... I heard Mark Rein's response was something like this...

MasterCornholio1671d ago

Yep Mark Reign said "Ha ha ha No"


mewhy321671d ago

this is something that we already knew.

N4g_null1671d ago

Epic is also strongly against Gpgpu coding as it will cost an arm and a leg. So now we see why they have no games announced.

Crytek, slightly mad studios are among the only ones capable right now to make a Gpgpu sing.

stragomccloud1671d ago

While, yes, this is something we knew, at the same time, the response to Unreal 4 on Wii U was actually that they were unwilling to make a Wii U version of the engine. Pretty sure that if mobile phones can handle the engine, Wii U can too.

N4g_null1671d ago

Wow they just recycled the old article lol and you guys think it is a new developer lol. I see why ms tried to handcuff you to their platform. You guys are the worst treated gen of gamers I've ever saw.

No fact checking, attacking and pr hype feed... breeds ignorance. Only a very large pr machine could survive these fans.

hduce1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Let me guess, before I waste my time to read this article the developer is anonymous am i right?

miyamoto1670d ago


I remember when Nintendo fans were running amok N4G and everywhere saying that the Wii U will be such a powerful beast capable of running Unreal Engine 4...that was really hilarious!

Now look at them now? Where are they to damage this now?
Oh.... and Nintendo betrayed them with a slightly more powerful than PS3 but much more expensive Wii U.

N4g_null1670d ago

LoL how is by working out for you?

We are only using one core out of 3. I'm not sure how smash and mk8 only look slightly better.

I think you are projecting here. I don't think wiiu gamers feel betrayed.

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dantesparda1671d ago

fanboyism is sad, it makes people look so stupid.

DanielGearSolid1671d ago

Its part of the business...

Would you publicly air the dirty laundry of one of your clients?

The consequences could include that client refusing to work with you and/or future clients not trusting you in the first place. Less clients less money

You call him a coward but I'm certain you would do the same thing if it meant protecting your primary source of income

In fact I find it funny that you label someone an anonymous coward while hiding behind an internet screen name

Realplaya1671d ago

But you have a screen name as well so that makes you a ?

DanielGearSolid1671d ago


I didn't say having a screen name in general makes you a coward...

Calling someone else an anonymous coward while hiding behind an anonymous screen name is hypocritical

Think about it buddy... It'll come to you eventually

AsimLeonheart1671d ago

Yeah, that spineless chicken! If he had named himself, Nintendo would have ripped him apart for badmouthing their console! /s
You have really gone overboard with your blind fanboyism since Nintendo announced that loss...

trickman8881671d ago

Wii U and Third Party Support= LOL

hatsume-miku1671d ago

Here we go again... an anonymous dev trashtalking WiiU. Probably tomorrow a non-anonymous dev will tell the opposite...

DanielGearSolid1671d ago

Does it make the comments any less true?

hatsume-miku1671d ago

Everytime someone talks bad about Wiiu is anonymous... do they fear Nintendo send their killer after them?

Chrischi19881671d ago

No, its because these anonymous sources are most likely the fanboys who write these articles, to heat up the fanboy and hater oven.

They laugh about unreal engine 4 on Wii U, but the Cryengine 3 works just fine, so does the new engine for Project Cars... no, there is absolutely no bias there, like these engines are not used in smartphone games as well, the engine doesnt say much about the games itself.

mcstorm1671d ago

interesting statement. I am looking forward to seeing project cars on the WiiU as the developers have nothing but praise for the console so if they can pull something stunning off and other developers cant then they need to look at them self's.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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