The Analyst that Blamed Sony for Nintendo’s Woes Has an Amazingly Funny Track Record with the Wii U

Yesterday DualShockers showcased a rather interesting report from the Japanese investment and market analysis firm ACE Securities, that blamed Sony for the Nintendo's trouble in securing third party software for its consoles. The report was written by a very well known local analyst named Hideki Yasuda. Turns out that Yasuda's track record when predicting the Wii U's performance is a rather interesting, and quite funny, read.

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GamerXD1634d ago

That's Micheal Pachter before PS4.

Abriael1634d ago

He's basically the Japanese pachter, just more funny.

Mikelarry1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

these analyst just predict painfully obvious info, so heres mine.

ps4 will outsell the xbox one

microsoft will drop the price of the xbox one

sony will drop the price of the ps4

we shall see new consoles from both sony and micrsoft

so as not to forget about nintendo... nintendo shall have an event on the 30th to discuss how the business moves forward

Abriael1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

painfully obvious? He predicted that the wii u would sell like hotcakes for the next three years when it launched :D

Mikelarry1634d ago

@ abriel

painfully obvious in the sense of what was happening during the time he made the prediction

admiralvic1634d ago

"these analyst just predict painfully obvious info, so heres mine. "

Thats sort of the nature of the game. They look at data and make predictions. Sometimes your information is good (People love the PS4 version of cross-play, Wii had amazing sales), but your outcome is off (The Wii U did not match previous success and despite loving the cross-play concept, people didn't care for the Wii U version) and other times other things happen.

Shnazzyone1634d ago

Are we sure this isn't michael Pratcher with a goate?

gedden71634d ago

Keep doubting Nintendo and keep faith in Sony... Sony has could have up to a 79% chance of going bankrupt... Nintendo who just creates games has a 22%. I wonder who Sony well sell off their gaming division, hmmmm maybe Google? Apple? haha

GraveLord1634d ago

Keep dreaming dude.

Who cares if Nintendo has money to burn? If they're not relevant it doesn't matter how much money they have.

SpiralTear1634d ago

And if you have no money, it doesn't matter how relevant you are.

Point is that money is important, so you can produce products to sell and gather relevancy. I'd rather a company not be the star of the show and still have enough money to be around for a good while than a company that stands in the spotlight all the time hiding their financial troubles before they disappear.

Baccra171634d ago

Oh look, the Nintendo enablers were able to find an article to spin things their way and make it look like everything is ok. And of course the red headed step child of the game industry, Sony, is attacked again. Didn't see that coming...

wonderfulmonkeyman1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Oh please, people have been launching way more verbal assault at Nintendo lately, most of them spun out of half truths or blown out of proportion, or both.
It only takes s quick look at the comments about what nintendo should be doing to repair its oh-so-DIRE "financial doom" to see that Nintendo's being treated like more of a red headed step child than Sony lately.

Dunban671634d ago

That is a hilarious set of quotes and unfortunately all too common re invest analyst at big financial firms

Re Iwata saving the day: Could it be he has Munchhausen syndrome? ..... He nearly kills the patient then tries to save the patient- if he succeeds he looks like a hero- if he does not he is a murderer (figuratively speaking as it relates to Iwata and Nintendo)

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