Calling Time: Should Activision Pull the Plug on Call of Duty?

Is it time for Activision to put Call of Duty out to pasture? GamePointsNow takes a look at why they may be considering it

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TomShoe1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

They're not pulling the plug as long as they continue to make money off of it.

cleft51492d ago

Activision should totally pull the plug on a game that makes them a billion dollars a year. /s

In all seriousness, the problem isn't that CoD comes out every year but that the effort they put into the game seems to dwindle every year. Mario games come out year after year, yet when they come out people love them. Why? Because even though the series comes out so often Nintendo puts the time and care into crafting a fun and unique experience with every game. If Activision took the time to do the same than people wouldn't feel so burnt out on the franchise.

Mikelarry1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

@ cleft5

couldn't have said it better listen to this commenter +bubbles

mewhy321492d ago

Anyone that says they should pull the plug on COD doesn't know anything about business. Why would they stop a product that is making them millions upon millions of dollars in profit?????? That would be stupid. There will be COD games as long as we continue to buy them. When they can't make a profit from it anymore then they'll pull the plug.

badz1491492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Pull the plug on a game that only last year came in 2nd place in sales around the world?

yeah...THAT totally makes sense! /s

although I agree that they should up their game a bit now that we've entered the new gen.

3-4-51492d ago

The only way I'm ever playing COD again is if they take it back to WW2 or before.

WolfLeBlack1492d ago

Ultimately for Activision it's going to come down to sales number, and even with a decline, which hasn't been that large, it's still selling freaking loads aand making the company plenty of money. At this point reuse of assets etc. must be keeping dev costs relatively low, so profits must still be vast.

Why would they stop making them, if there's still clearly a large amount of people that want them?

TheGrimReaper00111492d ago

Yes, but they won't
Even if it isn't the highest selling, it still makes a shitloa of money for them, so they can say with next COD:
"We now added an AI system so you have ... birds fly away when you get close to them"

Garethvk1492d ago

They will not. The money it generates is massive. They have all of their focus on it and Skylander which are their big cash cows so expect a new game every year for a while.

CorndogBurglar1492d ago

Pull the plug? Nah. But they would definitely benefit by taking a couple years off and using that time to create a true next gen version with new game elements.

As it is now, they just keep releasing the same game every year. But hey, morons keep buying it every year, so I guess they have no reason to change anything, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.