Jay-Z is not CrayZ About DayZ

In an AMA on reddit, DayZ creator Dean Rocket Hall spent some time answering questions. During it, Hall said that the famous rapper tried to force the developers to change the name of the game, to Zday.

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johndoe112111341d ago

I wonder how come that idiot never tried to stop people from using the word "lay-zy". This situation is almost as bad as king copywriting the word "candy", don't know which one is worse.

sinspirit1341d ago

Maybe he was to lazy to change lazy

3-4-51341d ago

Judge is going to look at this and throw it away probably.

No substance there to the accusation.

webeblazing1341d ago

i doubt this is true jayz dont care about stuff like this, he barely care enough to give interviews. why didnt he go after warZ when it was going. this should like a like to make themselves sound cool or jayz lawyer trying to make a quick buck. and calling him, one of the smartest business men in music that tries not to get into stuff like this makes you look stupid.

Chapter111341d ago

The Legal/Copyright/Trademark situation in the United States is broken beyond belief. You can get sued for literally anything in this country these days. They should count themselves lucky that no legal action was taken, who the hell knows how it would have went in court.

SilentNegotiator1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

But even a half assed lawyer would have gotten him out of this (had it been taken to court).

No hyphen, different mediums, clearly no intent to take advantage of an opportunity to steal attention away from another property (unlike WarZ which shamelessly tried to take away attention from TWO things, releasing near the time of World War Z and a few months before the DayZ standalone), nothing to indicate an implied connection...

slazer1011341d ago


Spike Lee even sued Spike TV and lost. Because people are smart enough to know the difference. Still doesn't stop these egotistical douche bags from filing lawsuits though.

Kurylo3d1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

did u not read the article?

He or his lawyers wanted them to not use the name Day Z because his name is Jay Z.

Any person in the world can see they have nothing to do with each other... just cause they rhyme is no grounds to sue. But then again this is America. People will sue for foul language.

Lolrus1341d ago ShowReplies(2)
il-JumperMT1341d ago

Jay-Z is a rapper?

He is an insult to Rap..

tigertron1341d ago

He's an insult to music.

trenso11341d ago

If you have task that question how can you even say he is an insult to rap, when you have to ask "Jay-Z is a rapper?". And who would you say is not an "insult" to rap? Let me guess Biggie? Tupac?

SilentNegotiator1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

How does one insult such a commonly degrading style of music, led mainly by unintellectual thugs?

I would have to imagine that managing to be an insult to the industry of rap would require lederhosen, chainsaws, and a maternity ward.

mediate-this1341d ago

Your ignorance is amazing, hip-hop is led by thugs? There is a deep deep culture involved with true hip-hop, just cause they dont play guitar and are white with extreme skinny jeans dont make them any less talented. The fearful dont understand anything so they bash. Whats your fave genre of music??

SilentNegotiator1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

You've already decided what genre I like with your guitar and skinny jeans comment (and that I'm apparently racist), so why are you asking, omnipotent one?

And "true hip-hop"? So what? There are a select few that can make smashing trash cans together a truly entertaining experience but that doesn't make street performance in general any less of a culture of annoying beggars, which would take an act of true insane lowlife-ness in order to "be an insult" to.

iceman061341d ago

I would have to agree with mediate-this. Sure, mainstream hip-hop has been taken over by corporate interests that seem to propagate this idea because they have made this idea cool. But, it simply isn't the full spectrum of the music. Much like rock music was maligned for it's insidious ability to corrupt youth and jazz was seen as a music that required little to no talent to produce, hip-hop is the new whipping post. As for thugs, I would say that the commercial rap industry is full of wanna-be, sound alike thugs. Most don't have a thuggish bone in their bodies (much like many of the 80's rockers weren't as hard-edged as they would have you believe).
I fully understand how you could view them as unintelligent thugs, because that's what they portray. However, that's also what the record labels WANT them to portray. (much like the bad boys of rock and roll). If it's not your cup of tea, then so be it. But, understand, that hip-hop culture (much like any culture) is deeper than what is seen on the surface.

SilentNegotiator1341d ago

"I fully understand how you could view them as unintelligent thugs, because that's what they portray"

Many of the top persons in the rap industry at the very least come from violent backgrounds (and considering most of their youth, many aren't very far removed from it) and AREN'T exactly intellectuals, on and off the stage.

And FFS, people, I'm not talking about the underground rap scene. Mainstream rap is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Jay-Z *is* mainstream, so for him to be an embarrassment to MAINSTREAM rap would be a difficult feat.

thejigisup1341d ago

nas, kid cudi, andre 3000, lil wayne, mac miller, snoop, the rza, wiz khalifa, mos def, wyclef jean, lauren hill, mackelmore, knaan, chris brown, pharrell, the roots, they all play instruments, some of them where skinny jeans, Eminem is white, mackelmore is white, mac miller, white. unfortunately rap often degrades many groups especially in more recent history this. depending on where you look at things and how you define "thug" yes the hip hop/rap industry is full of them. It doesn't take away from the music which is what I care about in this case.

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BattleTorn1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

HAHAHA CLEARLY you know your rap..... /s

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