Please, Don't Buy Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'January 31st, 2014, is a day every gamer should remember. It may seem wholly insignificant right now, but trust me, we’ll look back on this day and lamentably exclaim, “That’s when we should have made a stand.”

But it’s too late now… Or at least it soon will be. Because on January 31st, every PS4 and Xbox One owner has a crucial, potentially industry-shaping decision to make: “Should I buy Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition?”'

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mhunterjr1494d ago

'remakes are a great way of introducing a classic franchise to new players'

I think this comment voids the point of the rest of the article. Considering the 160million ps3s and xb360s in the wild, tomb raider sold ok, but really didn't reach it's potential sales. Which is a bummer since most critics believe it is an awesome game.

I think part of the reason it didn't sell any better is because folks were holding back for their transition to next gen. I don't think this game was necessarily made for those who who played through the first one already. It's more for those who missed it, and want to experience it with next gen visuals...

Yi-Long1494d ago

I WILL buy the next-gen 'Definitive Edition', but certainly not at full price. They should have just released this for 30-40 bucks or something.

As far as the last gen version is concerned: I didn't buy it because of the DLC, which for me is a reason to not buy a game full price. And now I'm just waiting for the next-gen version, and again, I'll wait for a price drop. The game is a year old. Pretty sure I could get a similar looking PC edition for a fraction of the price they're asking for the XBO/PS4 version.

mhunterjr1494d ago

I'll probably wait a while too, but I don't fault them for launching it at $60. Folks should just wait until games cost what they are willing to pay instead of complaining. I think a fair number of people will see this as worth $60... And an items worth is determined by how much people are willing to pay for it, not buy some preconceived notion that Remakes should have upgrade plans or be discounted.

Yi-Long1494d ago

I think it also depends on the game.

I'm sure a next-gen (and PC) version of GTA5 will also cost 50-60 bucks once they release it, but somehow I don't see that causing such a backlash, simply because of the size and quality of the game, as well as the fact that so many people are eagerly awaiting such a release.

Tomb Raider was a good game, some would say a very good game, but it's never been an 'amazing' must-have game. It's a great re-boot, where we all hope it will lead to an even better sequel.

So many people were already kinda hesitant to pick it up at full price when it came out originally, preferring to wait for a more reasonable price. 20-30 bucks seems about right, especially with the DLC. Now that a next-gen version is announced, I believe most people still see that 20-30 bucks as the right price. I'm certainly one of them.

But like you said, and I actually said the same thing when they announced it, it's the market that will decide if it's worth 60 bucks. They can ask whatever they want for it, and I as a consumer can decide if I want to buy it or not ;)

MWong1494d ago

I will buy it. I didn't get it on the current gen.

AwesomegamesUK1494d ago

So you honestly believe that a frightfully more expensive version, which adds nothing but a lick of paint to a game which 160 million people already had access to, will sell better on next-gen consoles... even though there are approximately 7 million in the wild. Really?

Remakes are indeed a great way of introducing a classic franchise to new players. But Tomb Raider was rebooted 10 months ago. It's a complete stretch that any PS4 and Xbox One owners (who are mature enough to play it) won't have passed up on it or played it already for last-gen consoles. It's that simple.

Again, if it was made for those who missed it, why would you make it far less of an enticing purchase by charging more? There's only one answer: shameless greed.

mhunterjr1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

The circumstances are different. tomb raider launched at the end of the generation... When software sales in general were very low. Many analysts attributed the sluggish sales arias the industry to the impending release of the new consoles. In fact, this is THE reason why I didn't purchase TR despite hearing it was quite good. In short, people who have next gen consoles are spending money on games, people on last gen consoles are not.

Did I say I think it will outsell the original? I did not, you're grossly miss quoting me. I'm saying that they are positioning this game so that people who have not played it, and are willing to buy games, may. And for that reason, they should make a better return on their initial investment.

Greed? Whatever... This is a business, not a charity. Folks who don't want to pay $60 won't. No harm no foul.

theXtReMe11494d ago

This simply isn't a coat of paint they are adding to this game. If you would read any of the articles that they had written about this, you would realize they went back through and changed character models and basically all of the assets in the game, increasing the resolution 4 fold, plus making the game 60 frames per second and 1080p. They put a lot of work into remaking this as a next gen game. Not simply a port, making it better than even the PC brethren. I'm not sure how this article got approved, but it goes to show you how spoiled some gamers are and how they feel entitled to everything and anything for nothing.

If this was simply a port of the last gen game, then I would wholly agree with you... You and many others are overlooking the fact that they went back and created new assets, added more effects and particles and did everything they could to make sure that next gen gamers had a game that they would be proud to show anybody on their new system. I don't care if the gameplay is the same or not. You, as many others, fail to recognize(or choose to blindly overlook) that not everybody played the game last gen. So to many, this is a brand-new game.

At this point of time, when very few games are being released right after launch, everybody should be a applauding developers for doing everything they can to get us next gen experiences to our brand-new systems. Whether that be a port or not, it's still a game for people to play who haven't played it. If it's $60 and you have a problem with that, work a few more hours. Or, wait till the price drops. You can even rent the game from Gamefly, if you have an attitude about buying it.

I'm just tired of people arguing about this. If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything. But don't try to bring down others excitement because you think your opinion is the Holy Grail of gaming journalism. The release of this game isn't going to bring down the industry, it isn't going to convince developers to simply port all of their last gen games. It is just going to give people a chance to play the game who haven't had the opportunity.

firelogic1494d ago

It's not out of the realm of possiblity. Just because there's a larger audience doesn't mean the game will sell more.

Do you think Heavenly Sword could have sold over a million copies if it came out 2 years ago instead of at launch? NOPE!

And I'm going to buy TR:DE just to spite the author and all of you whiners even though I finished it 10 months ago on PS3.

No one's forcing you to buy it. It's just there. It's ridiculous how illogical gamers are. Just because you've played it doesn't mean everyone else has. And NEWSFLASH! This game isn't being marketed towards people that have already played it. It's for prospective customers. Anyone that double dips is just gravy for the publisher.

AwesomegamesUK1494d ago

End of a generation? I'm sorry, but the PS3 and 360 were still going strong back then, and it will be some time before people stop spending money on last-gen consoles - Titanfall, Watchdogs, Destiny and GTA V are proof of that. You can't judge the PS3 and 360 by the old console generation cycles, either, considering they broke tradition in that respect.

You clearly condone what they are doing with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and as such it's difficult to reason with such a perspective - that's your opinion and I respect that. Again, as I stated in the article, I'd have no problem with them refining the game, working on the criticisms it received to deliver a better game - you know, kind of how other developers have done so - but instead they took the easy option to merely tweak the graphics and charge a HIGHER price than the original. Saying they developed it (or redeveloped it) for those who missed out or "held back" is quite frankly naive.

mhunterjr1494d ago

What I condone is allowing the market to decide. I don't care if they sold it for $100. The value of a product is determined by what people are willing to spend. There's no sense selling it for $40 if there's a sentiment that a decent number of people will see it as a new game worth $60. Those who have already played it, obviously won't feel that way... And those folks aren't being forced to buy anything. There are others, like myself, who have no problem waiting.

It sounds to me like you subscribe to this 'entitled gamer' line of thinking, that publishers shouldn't be trying to extract value out I there properties.

Hicken1494d ago

Where your whole argument falls apart is in the fact that buying the game is a choice left up to consumers.

No one is forcing anybody to buy Tomb Raider, full price or not. People who bought it before are under no obligation to buy it again, and indeed, why would they? The game is pretty clearly for people who didn't buy it the first time around, or who want to experience the difference on the new gen of hardware. But, with this game and others, there WERE people who figured they'd wait on the next gen version; you can actually find such posts here on this very site, if you care to look.

Maybe it won't sell at full price. If that happens, they'll cut the price and you'll be happy. But it's more a stretch to assume your view on this is correct than it is to believe mhunterjr.

Ashby_JC1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Gamers do have a choice. They simply can NOT buy it if they feel the way you do.

No big deal. Its not like they are forcing ME to buy it. Cause guess what. Im not. Because I already played it last gen.

NOW....if I had not played it. I would buy it for sure. There is a void right now for new games on the PS4 and XBOX one.

They are smart to release it NOW. Right before second son and Titanfall.

I suspect that it is going to sell well. To the people who are pressed for a new game AND never played tomb raider.

And then you have some who are gamers who have played it and loved it and want to play it again on there new systems.

Another thing is....TOMB RAIDER this current reboot is VERY GOOD.

AwesomegamesUK1494d ago

You can assume what you like about my character, but I certainly don't feel 'entitled' to anything. What I do feel entitled to, however, is value for money and the right to highlight blatantly shady practices by businesses.

mhunterjr1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I'm sure that at some point the price will reach something that you see value in. But just because you don't see value in it at $60 doesn't mean others won't. You sound entitled because you think that your perception of value should be applied to a publishers pricing decisions and everyone else's purchasing decision.

You feel like you shouldn't have to wait for the game to reach your price range. On day one it should cost what YOU Are willing to pay. Just wait until it reaches that point and let other people spend their money how they see fit and support the developers they want to support.

There's nothing shady about selling something for what you think it's worth. That's called business. If the market disagrees, you'll find out organically.

Ashby_JC1493d ago

What exactly about this is a shady business practice??

They announced at the VGX ...EXACTLY what they were doing and exactly what the consumer would be getting if they made the purchase.

Shady would be if they released the game and called it TOMB RAIDER 2 and it was the same game lol. I would be pissed.

The are being pretty transparent in this situation.

I already play 50% of the last game. I may just rent it to see the changes.

imtheman20131494d ago

I am buying the PS4 edition because of two reasons: Crystal Dynamics made a great game that didn't sell as well as it should have, and because I bought the original one (PS3) when it was on sale for half price.

Obviously I wish this game wasn't the full $60, but hey, this Dev made a pretty sweet game that didn't sell great. So I am willing to shell out a little more to support them.

Salooh1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I am buying it because i'm tired of first person shooters. Already completed AC too. Rivals sucks. Knack is mostly for kids.

This is my list for the next 3 months :P :
Tomb raider
Outlast (Free)
MGSV prologue
inFAMOUS second son
Daylight(Might wait because it look like a ps+ game lol)
Secret Ponchos (Heard it's gonna be free too in ps+)
Drive club may come too in mach too .

It's gonna be awesome because all of them are not first person shooter muahahahahaah xP

imtheman20131494d ago

I am also really burnt out on FPS games. I seriously play COD when I want to zone out and not think about anything lol.

And Thief, MGSV: Ground Zeroes, inFamous: Second Son, and Driveclube are topping my most wanted list for the next couple of months as well. Not to mention Dark Souls 2.

MasterCornholio1494d ago

I'll buy the 60FPS version once it drops in price. And I believe that will happen soon after launch.

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