The 3 Worst Video Game Universes To Live In

Video games are our safe space. They’re the place we go to relax and act out our darkest fantasies. The sanctuary we find in the plots and story arcs of a well-written universe cannot be denied. From building your own world to defending another, the possibilities within these realms are endless, and with more available genres than there are pictures of cats on Facebook, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re anything like me — sad and pathetic – you may also have spent hours analysing and dissecting the intricacies of each game world. Perhaps you have even wondered how you’d fare within them. Or, indeed, which universe would be the worst to live in. Let’s find out…

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Hellsvacancy1669d ago

Second time today I've used Portal as reason for something

I'll also add Minecraft "square boobs? noooooooooooooooooooo"

P_Bomb1669d ago

LoL! The Resident Evil one is sooo true

cyphertech1669d ago

Ah, I love it when the story description eliminates the need to click the article.

blackstrr4111669d ago

Gears of War, God of War and Walking dead

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