Check Out PlayStation’s Sleek Booth at Taipei Game Show, and a Lot of Lovely Ladies

Taipei Game Show started today at Taiwan's capital city's World Trade Center, and Sony Computer Entertainment brought the big guns to the show floor, dominating the console field with PS4, PS3 and PS Vita due to the absence of Microsoft and Nintendo. Here's a video that shows Sony's massive booth and more.

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stavrami-mk21423d ago

taipai now on the "to do" list as well as the taipai showgirls

SnakeShady1423d ago

It's TaipEi, not TaipAi.

Shakengandulf1423d ago

The TaipAi ladies did look good.

mewhy321423d ago

this reflects the general feeling about Sony now. Sleek, happening, current, on the move, sexy, futuristic, going forward.

DoctorJones1423d ago

They all look like they're about 13 years old.

Grave1423d ago

Need to get me one of those.

Destrania1423d ago

Must... Go... To... Taiwan...

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