Capcom Wants to Hire 100 Developers a Year as PS4 and Xbox One’s Success Increases Demand for Games

Today Capcom published a new message to investors from Chief Executive Officer Kenzo Tsujimoto, followed by another from Chief Operating Officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto. The two gave a positive outlook of the year to come.

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Mikefizzled1553d ago

So they want to hire 1/6th of the Resident Evil 6 staff. Dragons Dogma sequel please.

FamilyGuy1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I hope they turn things around and start releasing games people actually want to buy again.
It'd be nice if they focused more on title releases than DLC and microtransactions. If they do this they might lower the negativity of their public face.

I grew up on Capcom games, I'd hate to see them go away. There are just so many great IPs they could revisit.

jeremyj29131553d ago

So true. I just wish they would act like they know how strong of a library they have and put the same amount of effort into making them as they used to. I remember when Capcom games had so much content you could still be unlocking things almost a year after having the game.

XtraTrstrL1553d ago

They're too busy throwing teams on projects they promised they wouldn't do, like Ultra Street Fighter IV. We should be playing SF5 by now, but they are doing what they do best, vamping all the life out of a good franchise. They went from not being sure they wanted to let the SF team make another fighting game - to blasting their way through to the 4th iteration of the same numbered sequel now. All while dropping other fighting games in the small gaps (MvC3, UMvC3 and SFxTekken). Now they're basically just grabbing assets from SFxTekken to do Ultra SFIV.

Crapcom is so annoying. They can never just do the right thing when they have a good thing going with a game. The SF team is like the only respectable team they have left, not counting the diamonds in the rough like Dragon's Dogma. You'd think they'd be more careful with such franchises, rather than just go all out with the anti-consumerism. MvC3 to UMvC3 was sad how they ripped the consumers off, they released UMvC3 less than 9 months later, and it wasn't upgradeable, just wrong.

SFxTekken had characters locked on the disc, characters like Blanka, come on Crapcom, just - come on. They sold gems in that game, gems that altered fighting stats, and tried to say it wouldn't effect the outcome of a battle. It was obvious they added gems just to have another avenue for revenue with $$$ DLC, making a serious fighting game P2W, it's almost funny that they'd go that far. It's a fighting game, what the hell?! I almost got the game too, just cuz Hugo of SF3 was in there, so glad I didn't make that mistake. Crapcom are bastards.

gantarat1553d ago

Capcom should fire beta tester (RE 6)

3-4-51553d ago

You need 100 more people to make Street Fighter 4.87690 ?

from the beach1553d ago

That's good news, sounds like they have big plans. Looking forward to Strider.

Mikefizzled1553d ago

Strider? The game thats being made solely by Double Helix?

from the beach1553d ago

I believe it's being made by Double Helix and 'core Strider staff', and it's the next Capcom release I'm looking forward to.

They've done well with bringing back old series.

gantarat1553d ago

Capcom help Double Helix made Strider

Agent_hitman1553d ago

I don't want to be part of the bulliest company :p


ravinash1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

It's sad, and it's not just happening at capcom.
My wife had similar issue at her job (although the company handled it much better and things did get resolved without her needing to leave the company).

Unfortunately there are people in the world who rise to senior positions who don't have the maturity to handle people they don't see eye to eye with.

In that case it sounded like a women who didn't like another younger women working in her dept.

Kevlar0091553d ago

Capcom wants to hire 100 Devs a year to not make Megaman

It's a sick joke, I'm sorry

But in case you wanted another one..

The mock application sheet:"Do you have relevant game design experience for platformers and have serious interest in the Megaman series? Just kidding, we're never doing Megaman"

I'm done

Mikefizzled1553d ago

Have faith that Comcept with do good with Mighty No 9.

nevin11553d ago

I thought they were broke with about a $100 million left?

gantarat1553d ago

Capcom : monster hunter 4

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