'Pro Baseball Spirits 2014' Announced for PS3, Vita, PSP; No PlayStation 4 Version

8CN: Konami has announced that Pro Baseball Spirits 2014 will be arriving this spring for the PlayStation 3 (both retail and digital), PS Vita, and PSP. The upcoming game will feature new sound effects recorded live at various stadiums, updated animations, and commentary tracks for both home and away games.

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bobsmith1671d ago

2 baseball games for playstation
xbox 0

Kane221671d ago

actually there is another baseball game coming out being made by MLB themselves and its for every sysytem.

WeAreLegion1671d ago

RBI Baseball. It probably won't be a big game though. More like an arcade title, like the classic series. That's not a bad thing, either. It was a fantastic series! Just don't expect a big game.

Joey_Leone1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

What about Xbox? LOL

PS4isKing_821670d ago

Xbox players play fps halo and call of duty. That's all they need.

Good-Smurf1670d ago

They need to localize this series at least its sister series would be awesome. (Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball)
Spirits series are baseball simulator like MLB The Show but this is for Nippon League.