Nintendo's stock prices recover, but no one reports on it, says David Gibson.

Recently it has come to light that Nintendo's stock price dropped a staggering 18%, sending alarmists ringing gongs and setting the arm-chair analysts to typing feverishly in their haste to suggest bad idea after bad idea about how Nintendo could "fix" this supposedly dire situation.[despite the fact that, as a company, Nintendo is still financially in the black compared to competition, and hasn't resorted to firing people or selling buildings to try and make up some of the difference]

While this acted as chum would to sharks in terms of drawing negative article after negative article, what no one is talking about, is that Nintendo's stocks actually recovered substantially that very same day.

According to David Gibson, who had apparently followed the prices as they fluctuated that day, Nintendo's share prices have pretty much recovered since the announcement, going to a mere 6.15% stock loss before finally leveling out to near-normality once again.

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maniacmayhem1705d ago

Why would anyone report GOOD news?

hellzsupernova1705d ago

Exactly. Bad news equals hits. Or a lot more hits, just look at the news all major outlets put out

abzdine1705d ago

that's the reason why gaming media will never be taken seriously.
Good for Nintendo

SilentNegotiator1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Or maybe their stock didn't go back to the height that it was at before the tumble which isn't anywhere near as big of news as the tumble itself.


lilbroRx1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Do you know how many times I've said this on this site(and lost bubbles for it).

Most of the doom and gloom about Nintendop is inflated and manufactured by the heavy and bias and agenda of most most game "pseudo"-journalists .

Baccra171704d ago

Probably wasn't reported because the stock was manipulated/shenanigans.

hduce1704d ago

Meanwhile, Sony's stock dropped 6% even with the success of the PS4. I don't see that being reported as much as Nintendo's stock woes.

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Zodiac1705d ago

Why would anyone report on it? How would they write their doom articles?

It' sooo much easier to just ignore things.

DJMarty1705d ago

Cos it won't last.

Soon as Nintendo post there poor end of year finacials, missed target, stocks will plummet.

abzdine1705d ago

what do u know about stock market?

wonderfulmonkeyman1705d ago

I agree with all three of you, but change doesn't happen without effort.
I would rather see more good ones than bad ones starting soon; click bait is becoming sickening to me and we're the only ones with any power to slow it.

Nerdmaster1705d ago

They weren't criticizing you for posting it, they were just making fun of the fact that people usually only post doom articles.

MultiConsoleGamer1705d ago

Of course not. Hit baiters and the agenda press only want doom and gloom.

R00bot1705d ago

The doom and gloom articles should stop. Hopefully this news gets around to the writers of those articles (it probably did, and they chose to ignore it in favour of doom articles to get hits).

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The story is too old to be commented.