Five Games That May Save The Wii U

Pixelvolt figures out what games may be the shot in the arm that Nintendo's Wii U needs.

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ShugaCane1494d ago

What about X ? Pretty much the one and only Next-Gen looking Wii U game, so far..

wonderfulmonkeyman1494d ago

Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 are also looking pretty slick, as well as Watch Dogs and Project Cars.

Dannycr1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Neither Watch Dogs nor Project Cars will "save" the WiiU because people won't buy the console for those games, specially since they are multiplatform and the superior versions will show up in two consoles that are within the same price range.

Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, a possible StarFox, possible Metroid and the inevitable Zelda will. Project X also will be a big reason to get a WiiU

wonderfulmonkeyman1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

@ Danny: Watch Dogs will still make the best use of the off-tv features for hacking and other things, so it's got that going for it and might get better sales due to it.

Project Cars, you may have a point, but it definitely can't HURT the Wii U to have the game.[though a new F-Zero would sell better]

Dannycr1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I edited this comment based on your edit lol, but, talking about Bayonetta, it didn't sell well when it was multiplatform. This is not about selling game copies, this is about moving consoles and I don't think Bayonetta is a console mover, same with project cars.

You are also forgetting the fact that Both Sony and Microsoft have countermeasures agains the WiiU Pad. Sony has the Vita and Microsoft has the Smartglass technology as well. Plus, both can also use voice commands, but, I personally prefer perfomance over a gimmick feature.

Project X on the other hand is an exclusive offering that offers something unique that can warrant the purchase of a console and I hope to god that people does buy it (unlike Monster Hunter a game that is criminally underrated). Don't get me wrong, Bayonetta, Project Cars and Watch Dogs will sell well within the already established community, but, if you are considering to buy a next gen console for those games, you will choose the console in which it runs better (and no, I'm not talking about the PS4, because you can choose to play them in PC).

wonderfulmonkeyman1494d ago

@ Danny; If you're comparing the Vita and Smart Glass to the Game pad, the only advantage of importance the other two have is better distance capability.
Both of them lack screens as large and comfortable as the game pad for looking at during extended play periods, and though I haven't looked into the Smart Glass's array, I know for a fact that the Vita tries to make up for a lack of shoulder buttons by using a couple of triggers on the back touch screen, which pales in comparison to the Game Pad's full array of buttons and triggers on top of a very comfortable grip.
It also has a microphone in it that works very well, so if someone really wanted to, they likely could program voice command functionality into games and let the Game Pad do it.

On top of that, both of those countermeasures must be purchased separately for much higher prices.

Advantage to Nintendo on this one no matter how one spins things.

As to being a console mover, well, I'd say Bayonetta 2 has more of a chance of moving consoles than Cars does, due simply to the fact that it has gotten, and is still getting, more attention due to its past and the way it came into existence.
Being the exclusive sequel to an underselling multiplatform title, on top of being a game that wouldn't exist unless Nintendo was helping support it entirely with their own money, makes it a much higher profile game than its predecessor.
I happen to know quite a few who are willing to get a Wii U just for Bay 2, actually.

As for the rest, I'm not saying they'll out-sell the PC versions or anything, but I'm not willing to say that they won't have some sort of selling power to lend to the Wii U's numbers, even if it's only a small boost.

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Irishguy951494d ago

Zelda, X, Mario <-> Same as usual.

higgins781494d ago

You really think "graphics" - because that is what I assume you are solely referring to when you use the term "next gen" incorrectly - is an important factor in games selling? Wrong. Only the self-proclaimed "hardcore" care a jot as to ultra high resolutions, the rest I'm happy to say just want a game which plays great, runs smooth and is not an unfinished, buggy mess...though that didn't stop Skyrim doing well on PS3.

The Wii U and Nintendo need (for me) to just stay on the path it chooses above its rivals, that being games made exclusively for Nintendo hardware which is innovative, bold and polished to perfection. As it stands today I am far, far happier with my Wii U than my PS4 which is ending up just an expensive paperweight...I mean (PS4), where are the actual GAMES!?

ShugaCane1494d ago

You talk way too much.

Have you played Xenoblade ? If not, then you cannot possibly see what I meant.


captainexplosion1494d ago

Terrible list. The game that will help the WiiU the most is Mario Kart and it isn't even on the list. And I really doubt Bayonetta 2 will help as much as Donkey Kong.

higgins781494d ago

It's true. Bayonetta 2 wont make a dent. Mario Kart and Smash Bros will both sell like hot cakes, deservedly so. Bayonetta 2 is WAY too niche.

Also, will people stop just naming games the likes of which (while critically acclaimed) never sell well. Hell's teeth, if Shenmue was a "flop" then haven't we learnt anything...

DC7771494d ago

Yeah Maro Kart is always a big seller. X could be big but no info on it in forever. There won't be much hype or sales without some concrete release dates and advertising though. Yet as poorly as it is doing still silence every day.

Ravenheartzero1494d ago

Need to hurry up and give more info on X

_LarZen_1494d ago

Five new games that could save the Wii U for me is as follows:

5: Resident Evil
4: Metroid
3: Eternal Darkness
2: Luigi's Mansion
1: Zelda

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