Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z delayed for extra polish

LGN: "If you were waiting to get your hands on this fast-paced action game from Team Ninja and Spark Unlimited, we have a bit of bad news for you; according to publisher Tecmo Koei, the game has been pushed back a bit from its previous release date of 4 March for more polish to ensure a more better quality product."

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Whatsupdog1639d ago

I can deal with a two/three week delay for a more polished bug-free (hopefully) product.

admiralvic1639d ago

I'm willing to bet they can delay this game until March 21 2015 and it will still play like crap.

Whatsupdog1639d ago

Lets hope not :-( I've been itching for a good hack and slasher.

admiralvic1639d ago

"itching for a good hack and slasher."

Why not play something like Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden 2?

I mean, this game is made by Spark Unlimited who has a terrible track record. Of their 4 released games, two games are in the sub 50 range on metacritic, their best title is Call of Duty Finest Hour (also their first) and their last title was the train wreck that was Lost Planet 3. The writing is on the walls and almost every sign points to the game being awful.

Whatsupdog1639d ago

Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden 2..Done and Done long ago!
Also I am one of those (in the minority I know) who actually liked Lost Planet 3; found it much better than the previous game in the series. Enjoyed the free-roam concept and the rig combat and upgrade bits, so I do hold out some hope for Yaiba :-)

AceBlazer131639d ago

Is 'delay' the theme of this gen or something ?

showtimefolks1639d ago

this game has me intrigued but let's see

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