The Witcher 3: New Details to Blow Your Mind


Ask anyone what games they’re looking forward to the most in 2014, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will probably be on that list. Developer CD Projekt RED’s latest open-world action RPG was extremely well received at E3 2013, winning over 55 awards, and has since then been referred to as a true next-gen experience to look forward to.

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ShugaCane1704d ago

36 or more different endings x 50 hours for One playthrough equals approximatively 1800 hours of gameplay, not counting side-quests, and the fact that the game is 30 times the size of previous Witcher games..

Challenge accepted.

GamerXD1704d ago

Who needs rest anyway. /s

Does this mean CDPR will take over my life for 3 months?

UltraNova1704d ago

Probably..Never played witcher before but i am looking forward playing this one! Gotta love RPGs

Str8Chaos741704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

You are in for a treat, they are fantastic games.

Charybdis1704d ago

50 hours with one play through and not even considering side quests and the 36 different endings is just awesome. Definitely looking forward to this game

Irishguy951704d ago

Once or twice will suffice for me. I normally take my first ending as 'my' ending. This game isn't like the Witcher 2 either, the game literally has two sets of content in it depending on your story choices. W3 ain't like that the devs have said.

It depends on what order you do the main quest that things happen in the story is all, some missions can get locked off due to story choices(which is fine). Since, unlike Skyrim the quests actually have you choosing between two sides.

Also the different endings in the Witcher 2 weren't hugely different. Just some characters live or die or else whatever you choose right at the end effects the ending prologue.

seanpitt231704d ago

I get goosebumps just thinking about this game! Cannot wait.

sinspirit1704d ago

I own both Witcher 1 and 2... Every time I start Witcher 1 I put it down after a couple hours, forget to come back to it later, and I just so happened to have set Windows to factory settings deleting everything so I lost my save.

liquidhalos1704d ago

Oh my goodness, every article i read about this game gets me so excited for it. I may as well just write off a few months of my life for this one.

I simply cannot wait!

3-4-51704d ago

sounds like a pretty big game.

was thinking of checking out witcher 2.

Watched some gameplay and it seemed to be a lot of hacking and slashing of the same animation to bad guys.

I did like the look and atmosphere of it so I still need to read more into it.

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starchild1704d ago

Just take my money, CDPR. The Witcher and The Witcher 2 are two of the finest games I have ever played. The Witcher 3 looks ambitious as hell, but if anybody can pull it off it's you guys.

starchild1704d ago

"It's a single-player experience all the way, but we are looking to release the REDkit sometime after the game launches for the modding community. This way, people can create their own adventures, and this will inevitably add a lot of fun and replayability to the game."

This is going to add so much life to the game. Mods are one of the best aspects of PC gaming.

LightofDarkness1704d ago

Sounds like everything I could want from a new Witcher game. And it sounds like they're sticking to what they know with Cyberpunk, which is music to my ears. If there's some small MP element, a la Souls games, I don't mind, but they have stated that tight, story-driven singleplayer RPG experiences are their forte, which they're sticking to.

Hellsvacancy1704d ago

I thought this was Cyberpunk related for a moment

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