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First Beautiful Screenshots for Gothic IV: Arcania

Here are some of the game's first details:

? Fully titled Gothic 4: Arcania (as opposed to the previous subtitle Genesis).

? Story set 10 years after the third title and located on various southern islands, each having different climate zones and its own flora & fauna.

? Same as in previous titles, there'll be a hidden place (temporarily blocked by a magical shield/barrier).

? Weather changes, full day and night cycle plus the ability to temporarily cast a spell and change the time of day (e.g. from day to night when you need to slip past guards unnoticed).

? Aside few NPCs from the previous title, some monsters will have a fresh look (however, trolls look the same as in Gothic III).

? With the ability to climb and ride on beasts.

? Aiming for continuity, developers have gone through fan wishes on the forums and are planning on integrating some of them.

? Fully DirectX 10 compatible with advanced shader technology: standing under a tree, not only light will be realistically dimmed, but looking up into the sky, you'll see the sun behind partially transparent leaves.

Gothic 4: Arcania for PC, X360 and PS3 hasn't got a release date yet, it'll be done "when it's done" and won't miss out on this year's Game Convention. (Gothic 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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neogeo  +   2298d ago
I want it! time to upgrade the ol pc
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Marojado  +   2298d ago
I know what you mean, it's shaping up pretty nicely and I'm going to be keeping my eye on this.

Although it's amazing how little interest stories attract when they don't have the words "PS3 vs x360 comparison inside". Tut.
jesuisankit  +   2298d ago
Gothic Series is one of fav RPG franchise.. I find it so good that I rate it along side with Elderscrolls, Kotor etc. The first two games were brillant.. 3rd was a buggy disaster... I hope that the devs spend time on it and release a high quality game.. the screens already look awesome..hoping to see more .
JokesOnYou  +   2298d ago
Beautiful screens but you never really know until you see a game in action. I'm sorry but I don't know much about this game, I could do some research but I was just wondering if anybody who's played the Gothic series before could give me some quick info/background on the game???

edit: vvvvvvv ha ha guess I wasn't the only one.

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Sheddi  +   2298d ago
it looks good
ive never played a gothic game, what are they about?
Gorgon  +   2298d ago
About the same thing every other fantasy RPG is.
Cartesian3D  +   2298d ago
really EPIC and beautiful ..

I saw a vid presenting Gothic3 .. I think its sth like single player WoW(alittle like Oblivion too , but in third person) with lower variety in characters and spells compare to WoW(i said I think!)
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Snoozer282  +   2298d ago
Hopefully it's less buggy that Gothic III...
jesuisankit  +   2298d ago
gothic is your tradition and to its heart a pure RPG.. each story of gothic sets you in a world that is bound buy a magical barrier.. the world inside the barrier however is left open for you to explore.. gothic I believe was the first open world game that I ever played... u can go anywhere from from the start ofcourse you will be killed by monsters whose lvls are well above you.. the is a main story revolves around getting the world rid of the magical barrier, lots of ppl you can talk too (even hav converstion with sheeps :P) lots of quest... magic spells, scrolls etc. In one word its a lot like oblivion.
Bigbangbing  +   2298d ago
WOW its looks amazing almost CRYsis

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