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Homegamer1584d ago

Here's to hoping that they can make good as or better than Spider-man 2, I remember playing that game for hours on my ps2 man good times


yeah treyarch did a hell of a job on spiderman 2 back in the day. its a shame we wont see them do different ip's now. i guess activision's best developer is stuck on cod for a while. oh well

linkenski1584d ago

Looks awful... This isn't the next-gen version is it? Awful framerate spikes were visible, graphics are bad and the gameplay looks like it's TASM 1.5

SeanScythe1584d ago

No fool me once shame on you, fool me twice same on me. I will not buy another Spiderman game. The last good one I played was Spiderman 2 on the ps2. I bought Spiderman 3 and it was crap then I bought the amazing spiderman and after 2 hours I wished I hadn't.

truechainz1584d ago

So is Kraven the main villian here? Maybe a little electro? Disappointed.

BcozoftheImplication1584d ago

I wish Rocksteady would have a go at a spiderman game those boyz could make any superhero game amazing!! Hopefully after there 3rd installment of the Batman franchise they will have a blast at another DC/MARVEL character! We can only dream....

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