The Golf Club announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The Golf Club, HB Studios's new next-gen golfing simulator coming in spring 2014 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the company announced today.

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IndiaFPS1666d ago Show
IndiaFPS1666d ago

Looking better than tiger wood golf series

theXtReMe11666d ago

Yea. It reminds me a lot of the Pebble Beach series from the 3DO era. Should be a great game of golf. I can't wait to create my own courses and post them online. Its about time we get some competition back in the development of sports games.

Baseball is now wide-open and football will be also. Giving gamers a choice and developers a reason to make the best game they can every year. Competition destroys repetition. EA better get back on it's horse, or they will lose the race. Especially if 2K and Visual Concepts jumps back in to the sports game development business with next gen versions of their past series.

TomahawkX1666d ago

No PGA License means no buy unless it's Hot Shots Golf.

Hellsvacancy1666d ago

Your logic is full of flaws

Skate-AK1666d ago

I would say its his personal preference more than logic.

Hellsvacancy1665d ago

Either way it's flawed buddy, hell even GTAs Golf is quite fun

tiremfej1666d ago

The PGA license gets you EA Sports vision of what a golf game should be...they haven't been good in years...Links was excellent by MS Studios...however...they haven't made one in since original Xbox. This looks to pick up where that left off. That doesn't look to be a bad thing at all.

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