Old West Facade | Obstructed Views

You’ve seen it in the movies, in television shows, and in video games. A Western theme has been secretly taking over your airwaves from TV to movies, to your favorite video games. Now it’s no secret that Westerns were a big deal. I mean, once upon a time you couldn’t turn your radio on without hearing Roy Rogers doing some death defying stunt to stop a bank heist or a train robbery. Those were simpler days. As time moved on, the radio began to be pointless in broadcasting Western stories. Eventually the stories had progressed into television broadcasts, as well as into local and global cinemas. It was easy to see that Westerns were here to stay, and then it happened. They began to die out. People would tune into their favorite channels and instead of seeing Westerns now they are seeing crime dramas, medical dramas, and the Jersey Shore. So what’s next? Where do you go when your first medium is shot, and now your newest mediums are being overrun? Simple. Find the next outlet for your method of entertainment.

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