FFVI Mobile: No excuse for “nostalgia glasses” argument

"We often accuse people of wearing “nostalgia-tinted” glasses when they defend a game with outdated graphics or gameplay that no longer meets the current gen status quo. No more often does this nostalgia vs. reality fight come into play than when discussing the Final Fantasy series, especially the original PlayStation’s Final Fantasy VII – IX.

But following the release of the mobile port Final Fantasy VI, I think we can all come to a consensus."

- Maxwell Coviello

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Stringerbell1700d ago

I'm the wrong person to probably say this BUT a while back I had watched a documentary that dealt with pixels and gaming in the early 90's. The jist was the way these models (in general) were created was the artists used some sort of technique where they would space out the pixels just enough and your eyes would fill in the gaps giving the allusion of more detail.

With the addition of scanlines which helped the pixelated figures you were presented with a visually appealing game. Hence the scanlines options on WinKawaks or the fact that certain VGA adapters for the Dreamcast replicate scanlines.