PSXE Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Preview: A Sad Farewell

After a demo that fails to impress and only succeeds in disappointing, PSXE is forced to bid a very sad farewell to a once great franchise.

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KrisButtar1521d ago

I liked the demo, it was a bit short though

TronEOL1520d ago

Same here. I think it's easily the best of the 3 XIII's.

Although I actually enjoyed the characters and world of Final Fantasy XIII (as a series). And I was one of the few that really enjoyed the combat in FFXIII and XIII-2. Obviously Lightning Returns' combat system is better than the former, but still.

I'm basically saying we get that certain people didn't like FFXIII, but it's not the worst RPG or Final Fantasy out there. I'd rank it up within the top 5 personally, and Lightning is ranked up with my top 3 FF characters.

rextraordinaire1521d ago

Wow someone's pissed.

What about having only 12 abilities?

As I remember it, XIII and XIII-2 may have had more available abilities in the battle pool, but most of the time monsters required only 2 different abilities in battle : Their elemental weakness for stagger, then physical attacks to end it quick. In LR, you have to be much more careful about what ability you use, as some deplete your ATB gauge much faster than others and it can really turn the tide of battles.

As for the camera: Settings - Camera distance : Far. Problem solved. You can also change target with the directional buttons.

As for moving Lightning around the battlefield, simply use roll evade abilities and you're done, à la Kingdom hearts...

Anyway, imo, the battle system is superior to XIII-2 in a huge way here.

Hicken1520d ago

They have to keep the hate up, so common sense fixes and the like can't exist.

1520d ago