The Nintendo Fusion: Or How Easy It Is to Make "Believable" Stuff Up

Phil Stortzum writes, "If you've been reading gaming related news lately, you've most likely come across a "new" "console" from "Nintendo" called the "Nintendo Fusion." There's a reason for all of those quotation marks. The system in question is simply a ruse brought forth by a creative person or group. They're obviously creative, as I've never seen a home console made out of what appears to be recycled Rubbermaid containers.

This Nintendo Fusion comes out at a really convenient time-- when gamers are predicting or hoping that Nintendo's next platforms fuse its console and handheld devices into one. While betting the farm on one product instead of having two, so if one fails the other can be a safety net of sorts seems to be risky, it's not a scenario that is actually real. Now, that isn't to say it couldn't happen, but it's not true or real yet."

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swishersweets200311639d ago

It actually looks cool. Nintendo take note.

3-4-51638d ago

If it's should be real

MeknSence1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

What many fail to realize that with the Wii U, information were leaked waaaay before Nintendo E3 confirmation. Nintendo did not confirmed or denied those previous rumors. But when E3 came about the rumor specs were almost identical to confirmed Wii U specs. Therefore it MAYBE a possibility that this is their new system.

To be honest, Nintendo needs this. They need to change their kiddie gimmick attitude towards hardwares systems. Some may say that they would lose money if they release a new console but if they offer an exchange for Wii U owners then it wouldn't hurt them that much.

OmegaShen1638d ago

Nintendo did drop support for the virtual boy and didn't seem to really hurt them. Its up in the air if they should drop the Wii U, but they need to do something to get that money back.

Nintendo may have alot of money, but keep in mind there losing alot from the Wii U and anything they make for it (it cost money to make money).

Phil321638d ago

The Virtual Boy was not Nintendo's main console at the time, nor was it meant to be, so that doesn't really work.

OmegaShen1638d ago

It was a hand hald, that doesn't change the fact they drop it.

AWBrawler1638d ago

virtual boy didn't have almost 6 million users. thats a healthy number for a year given how nintendo kept the gamecube around

DeadlyFire1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Looks realistic for 2020ish.

PurpHerbison1638d ago

I wish it was real. I want a good Nintendo console.

jamz41638d ago

What part of the 'Fusion' was believable?