411mania - Terraria (Vita) Review

411mania - If Castlevania and Minecraft had a 16-bit lovechild it would be Terraria. With its mix of exploration, resource gathering, boss battling and crafting, there is something here for gamers of just about any taste.

With a charming retro sprite aesthetic and an upbeat chiptune soundtrack, the randomly generated world will suck you in for hours. Making it portable has only made it more addictive.

One small issue is the amount of time that must be put into the game to get anywhere. It took me a good 20 hours just to attempt the first boss with any hope of succeeding (I tried earlier and failed miserably).

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TheGrimReaper00111547d ago

I'd give it an 8/10 because of one thing
It's overwhelming when you go in
It seems basic untill you play with others and then you see hooks, giant magic swords, decorations, and such and there isnt any help in game telling you how to do that
I just think they should have been a bit more helpfull on that
But this is a lovely title and seeing how i use the bus a lot, it's perfect for the vita for on the go play :p