411mania - Final Fantasy 7 & 8 (PC) Port Review

411mania - So Final Fantasy 7 and 8 have finally come back to the PC platform after years of both disk editions being out of print. Final Fantasy 7 coming out in early July of 2013, and Final Fantasy 8 coming out just last month. Both games have a few nagging issues that can be worked around but are annoying.

I won't really get into the story elements or even gameplay of either game. Both have been around for so long and have been ingrained into the gaming world for so long that almost everyone knows or has feelings on either game. I'm going to try and limit my thoughts on just how Square handled the PC porting job, hence no "official" review of either game, just limited to this specific goal

For Final Fantasy 7, they've done a decent enough job with porting it over, with a few odd choices. The game does have modern gamepad support (thankfully), but doesn't remap the controls to modern gamepads. So the game will say things like "Button 0", "Button 1", etc., instead of saying X and B (for a 360 gamepad), or X and O (for a PS3 controller).

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