The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 – “Faith” Review | Dunham Gaming

Last year, with The Walking Dead game, Telltale really reinvented their identity as a company. They evolved their game genre from a replication of the point and click adventure genre from the 90’s, to a real form of their own. They had created an experience, that at some level was really not a game anymore. There was no end goal that had to be met, the focus was on the journey that was taken as a character. Telltale took the narrative roleplaying elements of the point and click, and gave the player more vested interest in their character having players make seemingly meaningful choices as Lee in the Walking Dead game, while still allowing the story to progress in a consistent way. This well executed role playing experiment has been continued and iterated on in The Wolf Among Us, and Telltale shows that their new style was not a one hit wonder. The Wolf Among Us currently has only one episode out, so this will be a reflection based off of that. At the end of the series.

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