Nintendo: It's all doom, gloom and comin'-up-Milhouse

MMGN: The Wii U was an example of Nintendo hedging its bets. The brand would stick with Wii ... and my thinking at launch was perhaps this would allow them to deny that the console was ever supposed to be ‘next-gen’.

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SilentNegotiator1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Yes, more of these. Nintendo came out and said that they "cannot continue a business without winning", need to consider price cuts, etc. Nintendo has come out and said that things are not well, especially so with their home console. And so people are speculating. Shocker. Everyone is weighing in. Double shocker.

Don't like it? Don't participate. Don't leave your tears in the form of "another one" comments. Go stick your head in the sand and let the adults make discussion.

The article even mocks the fact that journalists can't make a decision on what's going on, which you would know if you spent less time crying and more time reading these articles:

"The range of opinions in such a short time has been mind-boggling. At Forbes alone, it was initially closer to game over for Nintendo, then there were five things it needed to do urgently to survive, then its failure was nothing next to its imagined success, then most recently it has been specifically NOT game over"
....the rest is the author's own analysis on the situation and Nintendo's more recent history.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1549d ago

Regarding those reports. Nintendo was specifically talking western market not worldwide. Sales are down in the west for hardware but software are up. No official sales data was given. They only lowered their operating earning, revenue, loss and forecast for fiscal year.

Wii U won't receive price cut the software will.

What tears?

And who are you to give orders around here.

There no speculation going on. It just people fantasy.

Rumors are rumors.

I don't believe anything I read on internet until it comes from that company official mouth.

SilentNegotiator1549d ago

"There no speculation going on. It just people fantasy.
Rumors are rumors."
Right, no one can speculate anything that seems negative towards Nintendo without it being "fantasy"

"No official sales data was given"
How about the fact that they slashed their sales projections in the millions? That isn't telling and official sales data?

_QQ_1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

"Go stick your head in the sand and let the adults make discussion. " there is hardly any adult discussion in these Nintendo doom articles.

Even if the articles are well written and offer unbiased perspective, the comments and "adult discussion" hardly ever reflect it.

Dannycr1549d ago

Stop getting into every Nintendo doom/gloom article you see and the bitterness will go away. That way you will stop giving hits to the site and heat to the link.

Be smart instead of bitter.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I don't take orders from people

Dannycr1549d ago

Nobody is giving you an order. It is a friendly advise to spare you the bitterness. Why are you so defensive? Was anything I said insulting or threatening to you? Jesus man, chill

ape0071549d ago

smash bros brawl (wii) and mario kart wii sold loads of copies, i hope all those fans go out and get a wiiu to play smash bros and mario kart 8

those 2 games could be good kick starter for the wiiu sales

Pennywise1381549d ago

Best. Headline. Ever. At least for a Simpsons nerd like myself.

Adolph Fitler1549d ago

Everyone seems to have forgotten the new arse Sony was torn by MASS UNPROFESSIONAL journalism when the PS3 was announced & several years after it's release. The difference here is, Nintendo are being attacked for very valid reasons, & the Wii-U needs some kind of injection to incite excitement from gamers & the casual fanbase. At present, the price, & a confusing controller that really does jack shit is there biggest obstacle. After that, they desperately need to start attracting some more 3rd party games....AND to add to that, they need some mature themed titles....N64 had Turok, Perfect Dark & especially Goldeneye, which saved the brand from being a total kiddiefest, then GC got Eternal Darkness & RE4, which brought it some semblance of dignity, in being labeled a babies toy.
I'm sorry if many get offended, but the truth is, people who don't know jackshit about games, & rate them off face value, artstyle, & all that stuff, ALWAYS mention Nintendo as the kiddy console maker. And that is the toll TOO many family friendly, cutesy type games can have on a console in this day & age. Platformers are becoming more rare than hen teeth, (especially 3D platformers), because the returns aren't as great as another shooter...So, development on such games has been scaled back, many going back to 2D, to save money, as making a full 3D open world platformer isn't attracting gamers...It sucks, as it's a favorite genre of mine, but, it's a sad fact.
Younger & younger kids, sadly are shunning fun, cutesy based games, for the GTA's & more violent games (very sadly), so Nintendo are even quickly losing there core base. They need to move some of there talented developers onto new IP's & make some mature in content, deep storied & just well produced in all areas.
Mario's 30+yr old gameplay, stories & gameworlds are starting to wear thin on a larger & larger demographic.

Locknuts1549d ago

Too true. If you want kids to buy your console: get GTA and the best version of COD on it. Kids want to be 'all grown up' whereas it's only the Nintendo faithful that seem to be buying and loving games like 3DWorld. And even then, it's only for the tight gameplay, 30+ year olds could probably do without the cutesy graphics.