EuroGamer - I do care for a next-gen medieval RPG with no fantasy

EuroGamer - Daniel Vavra has a magnificent beard and a DayZ T-shirt. He's squashed in a window on my screen, his image beamed direct from from his Warhorse studio in Prague. In another window is streamed a live demo of his new game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Remember that next-gen medieval role-playing game with no fantasy that so captured people's attention in December? This is it. And it's beautiful.

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mochachino1670d ago

I for one would love some more fantasy in games. I'm tired of seeing recreations of the real world and warzones.

Human imagination is the limit but all we get are various versions of New York, Chicago, L.A., London in varying time periods or standard warzones. I'd love for the old fire, water, cloud, winter, jungle levels theme to come back to gaming, in an adapted form of course.

Fantastical worlds are fantastic

mopground1669d ago

not for this genre though

dedicatedtogamers1669d ago

Mount&Blade has been around for years, but most people have neglected to pay it any attention.

I think with the rise of "low fantasy" Fantasy (a la Game of Thrones) there might be an increase in these sort of games, which is fine by me.

e-p-ayeaH1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

if the game includes wars with hundreds of soldiers on screen then yes.

Remember Bladestorm? sorta like that but better.

Angeljuice1669d ago

This looks amazing, its right up my street. I want to play this game more than any other right now. Please happen!!!

fossilfern1669d ago

I love fantasy but Medieval Europe I find fascinating. Europe is a historically rich place and we have old castles everywhere, big and small.

A medieval fiction game without fantasy isn't done too often.