5 Things Nintendo Should Do (But Probably Won't)

Original Gamer: "Although the outlook is a little gloomy for Nintendo, they’re not about to roll over and die. They still, however, need to improve on their business practices and get themselves back on track. If they follow these suggestions, maybe Nintendo will stop this downward spiral."

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Ripsta7th1578d ago

Honestly Nintendo only needs one game and the wii u will fly off the shelves, and that game would be Pokemon for Wii U. I have no doubt this will attract most japannese gamers and the other regions also but thiz is the main flagship Nintendo needs for the wii u so it can start selling crazy. pokemon moves hardware

BitbyDeath1578d ago

Pokemon sells better on handhelds.
Now if Nintendo can get that Zelda game out that they first showed 2-3 years ago, that will likely move some consoles.

ogmaster1578d ago

That's because the handhelds are the real version of the game while the console games are spinoffs. A real Pokemon game on the console could sell extremely well especially if it links with the 3DS version.

Nabbic1578d ago

I still wouldn't buy it as I have major issues with its hardware, library, refusal to drop game prices across any of its devices (Mario Kart DS, a 7 year old game retails at £25+) and its online system (I don't want Miiverse).

If people already want Pokemon, they can get it on the 3DS. And the attitude that they can survive on experiences that everyone has already played a hundred times have already gotten them into this mess.
Where's the Chibi Robo? Where's the Hotel Dusk? Sure, the company who made them wasn't first party, but most good games on Nintendo systems aren't even first party games (Kirby and Pokemon are still to this day developed by second party developers). I want a collection of fresh experiences, underused IPs, and old IPs. And Mario/Zelda isn't the way to... I don't even like Mario anymore, I'm fed up of seeing him a thousand times.

ogmaster1578d ago

That point is in the article and yes it will sell alot of it's announced.

R1CAN6171578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

They should Focus on bringing some of there other franchises to the wii U Metroid, F Zero, Eternal Darkness etc and in the mean time while people wait for those titles release more past Nintendo titles to the eshop & also give people access to the Japanese eshop to tie them over.

ogmaster1578d ago

That point is in the article.

Team_Litt1578d ago

Man the internet is obsessed with Nintendo's woes right now. I'm kinda getting sick of all these doom articles, we know things are bad so please give us a break about it.

filchron1578d ago

it means gamers are unsatisfied. WiiU sales forecasts also reflect that. we just want to see nintendo return to its former glory where nintendo games inspired awe in their graphics and gameplay