8 last-gen moments we wish we could forget

GamesRadar - Like some of you, I'm bracing myself for the day that I box up my PS3 and Xbox 360 and shove them in my storage closet. There, they'll remain for all eternity--or, at least until I sell them to a random stranger on Craigslist. Merely thinking about doing so tugs on my heartstrings. These two machines have provided (and continue to provide) me with countless hours of entertainment; they've cemented friendships, kept me company during breakups and sickness alike, and introduced me to dozens of fascinating new worlds. The seventh console generation was a pretty great one--with a few caveats.

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rela82me1461d ago

I don't know which one is worse red ring or the Sony hacks, either way those were the worst things that happened this generation that affected me. I didn't know it was the largest security breach in the world though, is that correct?

_QQ_1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Oh god that "599 US dollars".