Jimmy Fallon Makes Fun Of Nintendo's Money Troubles

Kotaku - Jimmy Fallon can't pass up a good zinger, and on last night's Late Night, he let into Nintendo for their recent money problems. Check it out in the video above.

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WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1664d ago

As much as I really, really, Really, dislike Jimmy Fallon, his writers came up with a pretty funny joke there. Kudos!

jagstatboy1663d ago

why do you dislike him....he's the best late night host out there right now.

ziggurcat1663d ago

i prefer conan, actually. his monologues are garbage, but it's his filmed bits that really put him above anyone else.

don't get me wrong, though... fallon's funny.

3-4-51663d ago

I've always liked fallon, except for 1-2 years when I was convinced him , Tiny fey, & Amy poehler were NOT funny at all.

I've since revised my opinion of all, as all have made me laugh pretty hard.

Fallon is funny, he just has his own style.

The best thing though..

He is probably the most humble, down to earth, honest and good celebrity there is at his "level" or for any celeb.

At least from what I've heard.

SpiralTear1663d ago

Well, I'm just happy he's taking over Leno's show. You can tell that Leno's been around too long when all his jokes revolve around Obamacare, the Kardashians, and the Oakland Raiders.

At least Fallon tries to make his jokes topical. But yeah, Conan's funnier.

DC7771663d ago

Lol gotta admit that was good. He grew up right down the road from here. Now he's going to be hosting the tonight show who knew.

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teflontactics1664d ago

Oh man, that was a good one - definitely worth a laugh. :)

360ICE1664d ago

How did they lose their money, anyway? We know it's not on hardware development/production or advertising.

TheEnigma3131664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

They're not hurting for money, they are just losing money. They are losing money on the WiiU manufacturing. It costs more to make than what they're selling it for.

360ICE1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

"They're not hurting for money, they are just losing money." That is precisely what I said. Except I didn't suggest that they were stil doing it, but they probably are.

But it is incredibly strange that they're selling the console at a loss, I mean, really? And PS4 is not sold at a loss? (it isn't, that was rhetorical)

TheEnigma3131663d ago

Actually the ps4 is selling at a lose. But they make it up when you buy a game and/or ps+.

360ICE1663d ago

I've seen estimations that suggest the contrary:

TheEnigma3131663d ago

That's great for Sony then. I'm happy their able to sell this at a profit.

TheEnigma3131664d ago

Lol that's pretty funny. The WiiU is trapped in between generations like the Dreamcast was. Hopefully Nintendo finds a way to get the wiiu into more homes.

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The story is too old to be commented.