Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date for Xbox One Possibly Not Until 2015

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed for XBox One, but a release date hasn’t been pinned down. A hint of when gamers can expect KH3 comes from Haley Joel Osment, a voice actor for the series.

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Snookies121554d ago

Why does this say "Release Date for Xbox One" and not just "Release Date"? Like the X1 version is going to release sometime sooner/later than the PS4 one lol.

Omar911554d ago

Sony may have timed exclusive rights to the game that we may not know about yet. Not sure where I read this, but I'm more then certain that I read it somewhere on this site. I could be wrong though.

rdgneoz31553d ago

Not likely on the timed exclusive. MS does have that fun little fine print for releasing on their system that says the game has to release at the same time and have equal content to other systems. That's why some indies are avoiding MS as they don't have the resources to bring their games to multiple systems at once.

jackanderson19851553d ago

@rdgneoz how do you explain the extra content Sony have been getting in their games from Ubisoft (the AC games) and the extra content they'll be getting in Destiny.

they've a launch parity clause for sure but even that can be pushed about

FamilyGuy1553d ago


In those cases the extra content was made available through downloading, not just sitting unlocked on the disc. That's how devs are getting around MSs fine print. Releasing on different days is not something you can get around and MS has lost out on many indie titles for the X1 because of that requirement.

Akuma071553d ago


No, actually that clause is only part of the XBox One Indie developers agreement. It has nothing to do with major publishers, they can essentially do whatever they want.

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PS4isKing_821554d ago

The game appears very early right now anyway so a release this year seems pretty unlikely already. A 2015 release seems much more realistic at the rate square enix has been releasing games this past gen.

Irishguy951553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

2015 seems very unlikely to me...unless FFXV is coming out this year(If there is a god, god will ensure it or I will slay him)

DarkZane -> I expect a worldwide Simultaneous release for FFXV, it's development has always been different than SE's standard dev times. They started English VA ages ago too.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1553d ago

I'm honestly not expecting it till 2016. Unless FFXV comes out in 2014 and KH3 in 2015 but that's a stretch. I also doubt they would release in the same year.

_QQ_1553d ago

I don't even expect this game until 2016 earliest tbh.

DarkZane1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Considering this will come out after FFXV and that it doesn't even have a release date yet, expecting KH3 before 2016 is unrealistic. FFXV will be released in 2015 or very late in 2014 if we're lucky (2014 would be realistic for japan, early 2015 for NA/EU).

Also, KH3 is very very early in development.

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