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Stevivor's Leo Stevenson writes, "At first I was well and truly enamored with Don’t Starve on my PS4.

"The papercraft style graphics, Tim Burton influenced artwork, interesting game world and premise had me hooked. Getting dumped into a new and randomly generated world each time I started was a novelty and each time I played it felt fresh.

"At first."

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FamilyGuy1639d ago

Hmm, lowest score I've noticed for this game but then again I haven't been on the site much recently.

pedrof931639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

This is the kind of game that everyday you find something new. I'm sure the author didn't played that much.

SnakeShady1639d ago

The reviewer sucks, that's all.

MRMagoo1231639d ago

I give this review a 3.5/10 , i also give my review of this review an 8/10. Anyone wanna review my review ? or review my review of my review?

Aghashie1639d ago

Anyone with a slow learning curve will agree to this review.

Don't Starve is hostile, cruel and brutal. You need to survive the hard way, there is no shortcuts. Surviving the first two weeks (in game time) is relatively easy. Collect everything and craft as much as you can. Look for food, materials for a fire and gold. Yes gold! You cant progress without it. Cook your food at night w fire, avoid combat at all cost and don't stay in the same area for too long, or u will starve.

The first thing u need to craft ASAP is a backpack. Materials for the item are common.

After u build the two crafting machines is when the game really start kicking. Remember these words: EXPLORE, EXPLORE and EXPLORE! Craft new things even if u don't know what they are for, build settlements on good points on the map, build armor and weapons for combat and keep fucking exploring!

I've seen players dying after fifty or so days cause they fail to explore the damn map.

My personal review is 8/10. -1 point cause the game does not have a tutorial to teach u the basics. For that u have to rely on ur wits or the internet. -1 point cause the game will erase ur save file when u die. They should create a game mode that allows that for the sake of learing the game mechanics and crafting menu.

So, I love the game. Not perfect but good enough to keep me busy for long hours :)

ocelot071638d ago

I must really suck at this game. I really enjoy it. It is one of them titles where once a day ill put it on and try and survive a few days at a time. I noticed your comment about people dying after 50 days because they didn't explore the map.

My best score so far is 9 days :(. I do explore but I found a small farm I thought was a good place to call Home. I was then murdered by frogs :(.

akiraburn1638d ago

Hey man, I was having the same problems you are until I realized I could create customized games where you can dictate many of the world's features. You can turn the dogs/frogs/tall-birds spawning frequency either down lower or even off entirely. That helps a lot since you really need some time to get prepped to take them on.

And as a heads up, using any sort of actual armor will greatly benefit you. It took me a while to realize that the armor really does help you. I though it wouldn't make much of a difference, but the change in damage you take it huge. The 'log suit' is one of the easiest to build that offers real protection, and that will give you a very significant reduction in damage taken. After establishing yourself well enough defensively, I'd also recommend building yourself a lot of traps. You actually don't even need to bait the traps, just look for rabbit holes and drop the traps right next to or on top of them, and each day you should be catching rabbits, sometimes multiple. They're also very easy to make.

After learning all this and more about the game's mechanics, I'm now 65 days in, have finished exploring the first entire world map, and I could continue indefinitely or move on to the next world, when before I was stuck at 10 or so days and kept dying before exploring even a quarter of the map. The one hope I have for the console version of Don't Starve, is that through some negotiation they are able to offer tools to bring the PC mods over. There are a lot of very cool mods for the game that would be very fun to use for those that don't own the game on there as well.

Aghashie1638d ago

There are lots of guides on line, but if u want personal assistance, I'll be glad to provide.

Look for me on the PSN by my N4G user name. State in the header ur N4G user name if not the same. I'll reply as soon as posible :)

ocelot071635d ago

@akiraburn Thanks for the advice. I had another go for about an hour the other day now go back up to day 9. Made some armour out of grass I think and it has helped a lot.

I did capture rabbits using traps but I found they don't fill your hunger meat up by much (when cooked). I found capturing frogs much easier and cooking them restores hunger a lot. You simply get one to chase you throw a trap down and it will jump right into it. Rinse and repeat.

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