2014 Market Share Update

Represents Change in Market Share Year over Year

Wii U
2013: 100%
2014: 15%

2013: na
2014: 54.2%

2013: na
2014: 30.5%

2013: 85%
2014: 74%

2013: 15%
2014: 26%

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kneon1634d ago

This is the period in which we will find out if the 2:1 sales predictions are anything close to true. The early adopters and fanboys are enough to cause every console launch to sell millions. Now that we are in post Christmas period we will start to see what the interest is from "normal" people.

MysticStrummer1634d ago

If the numbers from this site are taken at face value, and I'm not saying they should be but week to week they're pretty much all we have to go on, then PS4 is selling more and dropped off less after the holidays despite struggling to stay in stock. Only time will tell if that trend will continue.

wonderfulmonkeyman1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

The 15% for the Wii U should be inaccurate now, since their stock price recovered the very same day it dropped.
If that's the latest figure, that is.

MysticStrummer1634d ago

These numbers are about market share, not stock value.

MasterCornholio1634d ago

I dont think you have a right to talk about stock prices because you dont know the difference between a stock price and market share.

1634d ago
S2Killinit1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

wish the best for nintendo.
Edit: i guess that "PS4 domination" thing might not be too far from the truth. PS4 hasn't even launched in Japan yet...

BenqMagician1634d ago

Actually why and how can u talk about market share when we are just 24 days into 2014? A little early yet to start talking about market share.

MysticStrummer1634d ago

Sure the numbers will keep changing, but they'll always be based on the total number of consoles sold. There's the "how" for you, and the "why" is because that's what sites like this do.

BenqMagician1634d ago

But why not wait till the numbers too come in when a month ends? January isn't finished yet.

MysticStrummer1634d ago

Maybe someone was bored, so they made a chart.

They do put out weekly numbers, and it is the end of the week…

That's all I've got for theories.

; )

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